Unneeded not arrived

Hello, this could be both feedback and help required. My debit card didn’t arrive for my new business account, so a few days after the latest expected for the first to arrive, I’ve ordered a second card. I need it by the end of this month.

The thing is I don’t need a card at all. This one being delivered (assuming the second one arrives) will never be needed in person. It’s only for online purchases.

I’ve not been able to make a purchase since opening the account over a week ago because I can’t just get a virtual card and instead rely on delivery of a physical card.

Please offer a virtual card option instead of a physical card.

You used to be able to add to ApplePay before the card arrived, but that doesn’t appear to be an option anymore, fraud risk reasons at a guess.


The paid business account does have virtual cards included.

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OP means like Revolut where you don’t need a physical card at all, he can’t create a virtual card yet because he doesn’t have the main physical card.