Undocumented API endpoints

(Andy Little) #1

I read recently that there are a number of undocumented API endpoints. I thought a thread where we could all list differences from the documentation would be a good idea.


Then they would become documented API endpoints :joy:

Sorry, it’s Friday :yum:

(Andrew Schofield) #3

Here are the ones I know about:


http "https://api.monzo.com/profile" \
"Authorization: Bearer $access_token" \

  "address": {
    "administrative_area": "",
    "country": "GBR",
    "formatted_address": "",
    "locality": "Town",
    "postal_code": "Postcode",
    "street_address": [
      "First address line"
  "date_of_birth": "1980-01-01",
  "email": "me@example.com",
  "name": "My name",
  "phone_number": "+447123456789",
  "user_id": "user_id",
  "user_number": 1


http "https://api.monzo.com/card/list" \
"Authorization: Bearer $access_token" \

  "cards": [
      "id": "card id",
      "processor_token": "123456789",
      "processor": "gps",
      "account_id": "account id",
      "last_digits": "1234",
      "name": "Name on card",
      "expires": "01/1980",
      "status": "ACTIVE",
      "created": "1980-01-01T00:00:00.000Z"


http "https://api.monzo.com/targets" \
"Authorization: Bearer $access_token" \

  "interval_type": "month",
  "interval": {
    "start": "2017-01-01T00:00:00Z",
    "end": "2017-01-31T23:59:59.999Z"
  "currency": "GBP",
  "targets": []

Card Toggle

http --form PATCH "https://api.monzo.com/card/toggle" \
"Authorization: Bearer $access_token" \
"account_id==$account_id" \
"card_id==$card_id" \
#set to INACTIVE to freeze card 


(Andy Little) #4

Card toggle? That one sounds quite useful, it would be quite easy to set up a system where if your phone and card were stolen together you could send an email (using any phone or computer someone will let you use) to freeze your card.

If we get a few replies on this thread I might throw a document together with them all and list a link.


Yes the card toggle seems quite useful.

I would also like to see https://monzo.com/docs/#transaction-created document updated.

there is a whole bunch of stuff in the data part of the payload that is missing