Can anyone actually get this tutorial to work? Monzo API app


I am very interested in learning how to use the Monzo API for development work.

I tried to use this tutorial (since it seems to be the only one available, suggestions would be appreciated) and it doesn’t seem to actual work. Could people try it and let me know if they actually got it to work, thanks.

The link to the tutorial is as follows:

Is there a particular bit you’re having trouble with? How far through the tutorial are you?

I went though the whole of it but it seems to get stuck when redirecting to \accounts by saying it it not iterable or that access_token is undefined or null.

I wasn’t sure if it was something to do with my oAuthclient or the code itself.
I know I have done the client id and client secret correct but maybe the redirectURL (http://localhost:3000/oauth/callback) or description (My Monzo Client) caused issues?