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(Abdulkadir) #1

Hello Guys,

I just got to Nigeria and decided this is the best place to use my card.

My first purchase was online which went in a flash with no problems.

My second purchase was on an ATM machine, This did not go well.

Atm machine bug number 1: Every time I enter my password it was wrong, even after getting a new password.

Atm bug number 2: after three password attempts, my monzo card gets blocked, then I get error message on the atm saying “can’t complete transaction”.

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( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

is your mag stripe enabled ? on I phone you can do it from your card screen silhouette in top right hand corner , Android contact customer support and ask for magstrip to be enabled

(Abdulkadir) #3

I have been wondering what that is for :sweat_smile:, I will enable it and try again.


Magstripe issues for sure … I had similar problems in Mexico :mexico:

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(kunle Abatan) #5

Hi @Abdulhaldu,

I have used my Monzo card online countless times to make purchases and pay for services here in Nigeria successfully. However, I have never tried withdrawing via an ATM until today. The experience has been terrible. All I get is “Unable to Complete”

Do you know if its been successful for anyone?

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Have you enabled Magstripe withdrawals?

If not, you can do this from Magstripe withdrawals from Card > Profile > Security. If you’re an Android user, you’ll need to ask support to enable them for now.

You should also check that you’re a verified user, as foreign ATM withdrawals are disabled for unverified users. On iOS you can compare your limits from your Profile in the app with the limits for verified users listed here or if you’re an Android user, message the support team to check - again, this won’t be necessary :soon:

(kunle Abatan) #7

Thanks for the response @alexs,

I don’t think I have enabled Magstripe withdrawals but I will verify that right away.

Although I was able to withdraw on an ATM when I was in the UK.


(Alex Sherwood) #8

Yes this restriction only applies to foreign withdrawals.

Magstripe ATM withdrawal support

In the UK, almost all ATMs use chip and PIN to validate your identity when you try to withdraw money. However, that’s not always the case elsewhere around the globe and in many countries, ATMs use the magnetic stripe on the back of your card to dispense cash. Up to now, we’ve disabled magstripe ATM withdrawals to protect against the increased fraud risk that these ATMs bring but from today, it is now possible to temporarily turn on magstripe ATM withdrawals for 24 hours. You can access the setting from your Profile or from a transaction that’s been declined by a magstripe ATM.

Text from this blog post.

Please do let us know how you get on :raised_hands:

(kunle Abatan) #9

Hi @alexs,

Also, is there a maximum number (Not amount) of top-ups in a single day?

Because of the foreign exchange restrictions in Nigeria now, I can only top up a maximum of £70 per month!

I need way more than that so I have been using my other debit cards to top up.
After five (5) top up attempts, I am getting an error after inputting the card details to confirm payment.

Know anything about this?

(Alex Sherwood) #10

That’s not good!

Since your Monzo account’s held in the UK, then assuming that you’re funding it from a UK account, you can top up a lot more.

Monzo’s limits are listed here -

I haven’t heard about any issues relating to topping up from debit cards though so I’d recommend asking customer support about that. If you’re using to top up, there are additional limits but that one’s not listed. Topping up from the card(s) you’ve got set up in the app / Apple Pay is probably your best bet or by bank transfer.

5 per day seems like a lot though…why not top up more? You can always freeze your card from the app if you lose it…

(Abdulkadir) #11


When you try withdrawing, you should take note of the error you get, open the error message on the app and then choose to chat with the monzo help team and they will sort you out in no time. NOTE: most times I had issues was because of wrong password.

(kunle Abatan) #12

Thanks @Abdulhaldu.

Right after I enabled Magstripe, I tried withdrawing and same thing occurred, I get “Unable to Complete” on the ATM but nothing in the App.

Which ATM’s do you use to withdraw?

(Abdulkadir) #13

That’s happens, request for your password again, withdrawing from Gtb u get charged N500, withdrawing from sky bank u won’t get charged, those are the two banks I have used and observed.

(E) #14

Used my card several times in Lagos in October, never had any luck getting it to work with POS machines in-stores/restaurants so I ended up using ATMs with no problem (once magstripe was activated) but I did find it annoying that I had to activate the magstripe daily.
Used mostly AccessBank and First Bank ATMs, each with a N500 charge. My friend had better luck using his Monzo card with POS machines at a number of restaurants (mostly upscale places that accepted foreign cards)