Unable to see destination value in overseas transfers

When making an international transfer, if the recipient has a long name, you can’t see the value in the destination currency, you can only see the amount you’re sending from your currency. You then have to add all the details on the third page before you come to the confirmation page. So if your transaction is out (in the local currency), you have to go back to the start and adjust/guess the amount), then you have to renter all the details again. I was doing this on a UK to Brazil transaction where the amount I needed to transfer was in Reais.

  1. Add long name in first page (try any Spanish or Portuguese name!)
  2. Second page where you enter amount is where the problem is.

IPhone 8
Latest? (Auto updates)

Hey @Rachel1 thanks for flagging this.

I’m afraid that this isn’t a bug but the original design decision that was made when we first integrated with TransferWise.

We’re still building the feature that lets you select the amount you’d like to send in another currency. In the meantime, you’ll need to enter the amount you’d like to send in pounds and tinker with it until you get the right amount of the target currency.

In the meantime for future transfers, you could use this tool here. Sorry for the hassle and thanks so much for bearing with us :pray:

seems a very strange design decision that if you want to pay a bill to a foreign account which usually asks for a set amount that the designer decided to not let the user do that , instead the user has to guesstimate a constantly changing exchange rate …

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Hi, the problem isn’t that I can’t choose a value in the destination currency, I’m happy to tinker to get close enough. The problem is that you can’t even see the value to tinker with it if the recipient has a long name because the destination currency field doesn’t wrap on two lines, so a long name pushes the value out into the abyss.

Good to hear you’re working on a destination currency selection feature. But I feel like this is a really simple fix. Just allow the field to wrap two lines. Or tabulate it so that the name gets truncated and you still see the value.

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You are able to see the exact progress of your transfer, and how far along you are in the process.

Not sure how this is related to the problem that I’ve flagged? It’s about being able to see destination values when inputting uk value. See first post and follow steps to reproduce.