Unable to open a new account as my mobile number is linked to an old closed account


I have had a Monzo account previously (over 12 months ago) and closed it down.

However, I would like to open a new account, but going through the registration process in the app it still recognises my mobile number and says that it is linked to an account and I cannot get past that point in the app.

Any ideas how this can be resolved?


You’ll need to contact help@monzo.com to explain the situation and ask about reopening your account.

OK Thanks for the quick reply.

I was able to get access to the app by clicking ‘I have an account’ and getting a magic link. Then I contacted support (the only accessible part of the app) and asked them if I could reopen

The query was picked up within minutes and the next day I had an account. @dan8030 you might be able to do the same? That said, there is no guarantee Monzo will let you have another account, it depends on circumstances.


Ok thanks - I will try that route first then contact them if no joy.


Did you get yours? :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Yes, it was all super quick, even got the card the following day. Just waiting for the sweet neon card notification now! :sunshine:


Two new cards in space of a week or so, lucky you

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