[?] Unable to correctly handle people with 2 surnames

Hi there,

I have two family surnames like +600 million people

Unfortunately, the Monzo app doesn’t like it. When trying to create my account, it decided that my card was going to be at my first name and my second surname - which is not my legal name. No way to reason with it - I’m stuck on the page “Confirm your card information”, no access to help, no ability to go backward.

Can you please help?


Best thing to do would probably be to email help@monzo.com to ask for advice :blush:
Or have you got far enough through the process to be able to start a chat with Monzo in the app?

It sounds like an annoying limitation so hopefully they can get around it for you!


Thanks @monzo2018 for the advice, will do. Unfortunately, I can’t start a chat as I’m on a page where the only option is to choose between two incorrect names for my card and the “Next” button. I’m worried that if I press “Next” the account and card will be set incorrectly.

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Yeah maybe best to email the help email address before proceeding then :blush:

I found this topic from way back in 2017. A couple of posts from staff members appeared to indicate it had been resolved, so not sure if what you are seeing is a bug or still a limitation. Good news from reading the post though is it sounds like Monzo are able to fix it. I would still email them first though just to be on the safe side.

Very informative topic, thanks. Just emailed them, hopefully I’ve heard soon from them with a fix :slight_smile:

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