UK Roadmap

Good on you, whilst it’s fab to see a roadmap there’s too many copycats stealing your ideas these days! Especially the mainstream banks

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Some of the comments on here crack me up

Let’s not get started on a certain former founder of Monzo leaving one bank and starting his own by copying it


It’s okay to let the odd positive comment or two lay unmentioned yerknow

Makes for a less grim experience reading topics


This wins forum comment of 2021.


Let us explain again how this forum works :joy:

It’s hard. And many banks fail at it. Remember TSB botched move to Sabadell?! Many people did not see their accounts, saw somebody else’s accounts, money not being received, or sent, with wrong totals.

Many banks fail to process things at weekends, bank holidays, whenever there is date change, clock change, leap second etc.

For example whenever I am in USA or Asia, Barclays & Nationwide fail to send new payments “today/now” cause my local phone today is different to the one in the UK. Always have to change phone date to UK to use them.

And everyone using old generation of mainframes have to take systems offline for clock change. Hence you see many banks going offline next weekend.

There are more ways of sending and receiving money with chaps, Bacs, faster payment, sepa, paym,, monzo2monzo, openbanking, many dozen of event types from MasterCard network, standing orders, direct debits, direct credits, reversals, cash deposits from paypoint, transactions settling at a later point, offline & batch transactions…

All of that data is like drinking from a fire hose. And it is ambiguous. Cause a later update of data can arrive stating what has happened in the past. Hence it can look inconsistent at any given point in time.

Oh, and even if one is good, the counterparties can be sending bogus data, incomplete, and missing things. Hence back office does chase things up all the time.

So far Monzo has been better than others with things I do. I have found balance bugs with Tymit, Curve, Santander, Barclays, Lloyds, Nationwide, HSBC. In the past. Had to report and explain them. Until they get it, that it is a bug.


Certainly the case with dark mode

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phew Im glad thats all out of the way in one post :slight_smile:


The desperation of some people (and it’s always the same people) to find a negative to post every single day will never cease to amaze me.

Do you post on forums of other brands/companies/products that you hate?


lol do you actually use Monzo for any banking services ?..just interested if you do , why ? …in the hope it will get better , there is no other alternative …which there quite plainly is … or you’re masochistic, hate the product and its implementation , but I cant stop using it and relaxing with another provider ?


I should have tagged you in my post TBH.

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Lmao. But yeah, this forum is “too positive” and any criticism of Monzo is “shouted down by fanboys”.


So we’re way off topic.

I’ll lock this until someone has some time to fix.


As @Peter_G has stated we’ve went off topic here so the Topic is going to remain closed.

There’s some great constructive feedback here and I can continue to see if a roadmap is a possibility but we can definitely bring Q&As to the table. @arthur-ceccotti input in here has went down a treat and we can look to bring this kind of energy to the Community.