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Hello Monzo… first of all TOP JOB on the business account thus far as of May 2020.
Can I suggest you speed up the process of introducing the capability of having more than one business account as some of us have more than one gig going on ( hmm five here) and have to use other Less than err reputable operators ( TIDE :sob::sob::sob::sob:) and can’t wait to fully utilise Monzo for all our businesses . Please help us poor under served saps … thank you and goodnight .

Why do you feel Tide is “less than reputable”?

Should the making monzo section of the app be retired?

Has it even been updated in 2020?

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The link to the roadmap now just redirects to the front page of the Monzo website. Is that a mistake or have you decided against being quite so public?

I was just about to use Monzo as an example of a fast-moving, tech-driven company that makes its roadmap public. I’m glad I checked :-/

there isn’t a public one now, for a very good reason