🇺🇬 Monzo in Uganda

Hello, Has anyone used their Monzo card in Uganda?

Used mine in Kenya! worked without any issues what so ever

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I have used my card in Uganda
You can pay for a lot with it mostly at big establishments be it supermarkets or restaurants
And can use it to withdraw money at several banks as well but traditionally cash is the main means of transaction

I’ve been using my card in Uganda (mainly around Jinja and Kampala) for the past couple months, so I think I can pass on some advice to Monzonauts heading off there!

Not many ATMs accept Mastercard in Uganda.
I’ve only found two banks that reliably accept Mastercard - Stanbic Bank (which charges no fee for Mastercard) and Barclays (which charges as 38,000Ush fee [about £8]). So my advice is keep your eye open for Stanbic Bank while you’re there, and withdraw the maximum you can to avoid getting into a sticky situation later on, as I’ve never seen a Ugandan business be able to accept card payment with Mastercard.

Because of these limitations, I’d also strongly advise bringing a VISA card with you as well when you’re in East Africa, as all ATMs can accept them with no fees (except on your bank’s side!)

Happy travelling!

My friend is off to Uganda for 2 weeks with her Monzo card, and as she’s not on forum yet, I’ll post any findings for her.

One question, does she need to let Monzo know she’s travelling? Thanks.

Nope, no need to inform them

MasterCard generally lags behind Visa in terms of acceptance in the African continent in general (especially at ATMs) but MasterCard does make up for it in South America and Asia (as opposed to Visa)