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Hi guys, will my card work in kenya ?

(Jack) #2

Hi @trevwmitchell ,

Just found this thread which may help to you.
If not feel free to ask there.

It seems the user had a fair amount of success overall. Bare in mind his post was back in 2016 and Monzo have since moved over to the current account where things should have improved further.
I hope you enjoy your trip! :kenya: :blush:

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the thread that Jack posted was from Dec 16 - on the pre paid card - you could be the trail blazer for Monzo current accounts , let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


From a Kenyan friend I understand that card payments are virtually unheard of in Kenya, though ATMs do exist, and should largely accept mastercards without problem.

Be aware of the charges for ATM withdrawals.

(Benjamin) #5

Hi everyone!

I’m currently in Kenya and would like to share a few tips for using your Monzo card here and withdrawing money from ATM’s.

Firstly, Monzo does work in Kenya. Many shops accept card payments and I have tested it and can confirm that you won’t be charged any additional fees for using your card to pay for items in shops. I’ve used it at several coffee shops and supermarkets in Nairobi and I assume that as long as they accept MasterCard it will work.

Secondly, using ATM’s in Kenya. The first couple times I withdrew money from ATM’s I was being charged approximately 400ksh ($4) per transaction. These fees are charged by the local bank, not Monzo! However, I discovered today that if you withdraw money from I&M Bank you won’t be charged any fees!!! The one catch is that I had to activate the magstripe in your Monzo settings for it to function with their ATM machine.

Hope this information helps and you’re able to withdraw money without any cost, just remember that Monzo has a £200 limit over 30 days where they won’t charge any fees. If you go over this, I believe you get charged 3% per ATM withdrawal.