Tyne Tunnel TT2 Toll Payment "pending"

Hi, having made a journey using the Tyne Tunnel in the North East my partner paid the very same day of using the toll tunnel with his Monzo card.
However to my surprise, a week or so later we received a non payment UTCN and immediately spoke with TT2 customer services who explained Monzo seems to have issues with our payment processor? Not sure if this was an excuse or totally factual. I was advised to appeal and include my bank statement showing the date & time of transaction & the debit card used for the transaction, which I have already done.

However the statement shows the transaction as “pending” yet we were not made aware of this at all by Monzo? The Tyne Tunnel customer service are terrible to deal with & seem to have the attitude everyone who gets sent a UTCN are guilty of evading & non payment. Why is it showing as “pending” & more importantly is this a fault at Monzo’s end or Tyne Tunnel ? Any help or advice appreciated.

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It’s most likely to be a Tyne Tunnel issue. There have been problems reported in the media in the past which were unrelated to any particular bank.

All card transactions show as pending until the merchant collects them. It usually only takes a day or so, sometimes up to a week.

If it showing in your app then it’s a fault with their systems for not collecting the money after the authorisation.

If you have the time stick it to them, there will be people who just pay the fine instead of challenging them on their broken systems. It strange how the debt systems always seem to be working with these companies but nothing else.

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The only people who can investigate properly is support, so if it’s been pending for a while message them. I’d prob be tempted to push them on it when they come back with a generic response too.

Also keep a record of everything, so when you appeal to Tyne tunnel and take them to an arbitrator or whoever it is that deals with them. You’ve got it all to hand to show.

Yeah it is showing in the app & tt2 customer services just wont discuss the issue constantly referring you to the appeals process. I will see what the result of the appeal is but should they finally decline my appeal then I will be happy to fight them in court (should it come to that) as I certainly wont be paying them.
Obviously I realise they must deal with many who simply just dont pay, but you would think a bank statement indicating the time & date the transaction (the same day I made the journey) was made would be enough for them to understand that I was not trying to evade payment for my journey.
But not with tt2 it seems - their rules are very strict according to customer service “if payment is not received before 12 midnight the day after journey you are issued a UTCN”
It seems rather ridiculous, how on earth am I supposed to control payment processor delays?
Thanks for the helpful replies


If it’s any consolation you aren’t the only one.


Just an update on this, TT2 have upheld my appeal after sending them a full Monzo bank statement (for the 3rd time!!) & involving my local MP, but they have stated “whilst they have not received the payment, it was clear I made an attempt to pay the same day” & scrapped the UTCN’s issued. I was then provided with a link to pay the journey toll amount again.
I have also been advised that the “pending” amount I paid already will just be credited back after a set time if it remains unclaimed.
My advice to anyone using their Monzo account to pay Tyne Tunnel is double check it does not show as “pending” as there is a strong chance you will receive a UTCN like I did & its just hassle you can do without.


Pending transactions can be a paid.

They will pens for 3 days generally to be collected, and then either 7/30 days depending on service, will refund if not collected, and then the merchant can go and collect it again.

Trying to explain this sometimes doesn’t bode well :joy:

All payments are pending to start with. Monzo shows the different stages, lots of banks don’t.

In the olden days, this is why your available balance would differ.

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