Tymit Digital Credit Card

Waiting list now removed (at least on iOS), anyone downloading the app can now apply. Sensible timing to try to catch Tandem switchers.

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Not on android yet :sob: :sob: :sob:

I read on tymit forum that Android should start at the end of next month

Been accepted and got a 19% APR rate with £2.5k limit.

Seems quite a high rate. The app is very clean and smooth though, waiting for physical card.

No Apple Pay but can link to Curve and use Apple Pay through that.

I emailed Tymit support because if you remove the app (or get a new phone like in my case) you can’t rejoin the queue in Android. They kindly bumped me to the top of the queue and sent me an invite to apply… Only to tell me you can’t actually do it on Android yet :joy:

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