Tymit Digital Credit Card

Waiting list now removed (at least on iOS), anyone downloading the app can now apply. Sensible timing to try to catch Tandem switchers.

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Not on android yet :sob: :sob: :sob:

I read on tymit forum that Android should start at the end of next month

Been accepted and got a 19% APR rate with £2.5k limit.

Seems quite a high rate. The app is very clean and smooth though, waiting for physical card.

No Apple Pay but can link to Curve and use Apple Pay through that.

I emailed Tymit support because if you remove the app (or get a new phone like in my case) you can’t rejoin the queue in Android. They kindly bumped me to the top of the queue and sent me an invite to apply… Only to tell me you can’t actually do it on Android yet :joy:

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Received my card in the post today. Interesting portrait design for a card, a bit similar to the Coinbase card. Is a Visa not a MasterCard so nice to have it as a backup.

Linked to my Curve too in-case I want to use it with Apple Pay for whatever reason as Curve support Apple Pay now.

Tymit have announced in addition to their normal 50 days 0% on purchases, anything you elect to pay over 3 months will also be 0%!

When my tandem card kicks the bucket and until I get a new cashback/reward credit card being able to hang on to 3 months worth of spending money to earn interest will probably be nice.

Don’t seem to be having much luck, had an email a few months ago to say I was top of the queue just to find that I was nowhere near. Now can’t even get the app to work correctly.

Just tried the app to find out if I had moved up the queue and…

the app has stopped working :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Android? Try uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

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Now telling me my registered email is already in use :joy:

I’m in Android and have it
Pretty low limit … no way I can see of contacting support or anything from app

If you go into the account tab (right hand tab at the bottom) there is a little chat icon in the bottom right.

How did you manage to activate your card? Keeps telling me the 4 digits I’m entering are wrong (they’re not).

Also can’t make a payment - I click “pay bill” and nothing happens, so I can’t access the unique reference.

Very bad experience so far, may just cancel it.

I’ve not got my card yet so I’m only making some guesses here :slight_smile:

Have you come to the end of the month yet? Maybe you can only pay your bill once it has been generated i’d assume.

No idea about the card activation.

The android app does feel very basic but then I suppose it is in beta and that’s what I would expect.

Cancelled my card :woman_shrugging: limit they gave me was well too low compared to other cards

Pay bill doesn’t seem to do anything on my Android phone, whereas it works on iOS.

Got my card and it activated OK.

Ive been using Tymit a few months now and love it, refreshing and new take on a credit card, something genuinely different. The 3 months interest free on all purchases is nice too :slight_smile:


I’ve reported it as a bug and they are working to get a fix out ASAP.

No, you should be able to click that button and see your payment reference at any time. Appears to be a bug in the Android version.

I contacted them and they came back to me fairly quickly to ask me to try again as they had fixed something at their end. This was after I sent them a photo of my card with everything other than the last 4 digits redacted, as they’d requested.

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