Two cards for one user

(Jolin) #22

Monzo have given some thought to this use already, and plan to address it not with multiple cards, but with shared ‘pots’.

Full details on pots at the beginning of that thread.

(Lewis Hill) #23

Have we gotten any news since about shared pots? Would make me and my girlfriends lives a lot easier, just hoping they haven’t given up/forgotten about it…

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(Edward Hunter) #24

I use curve for this reason, I’ve added 4 cards including Monzo and just select the card with in the app works great and also you can you it at atm, contactless also Apple Pay will be added in the next couple of months, something Monzo won’t discuss

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(Dan) #25

Hope this happens. Will help manage bill payments etc with the other half.

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #26

Personally, I think a second card attached to a Pot would be brilliant (like the pre-paid cards). Could top up a ‘spending pot’ for nights out and only take the second card with you, or as the emergency back up, move money into that pot until the new card arrives, even to give to the kids if they are going away (keep an eye on their spending and top up the pot as needed).


Has any more thought been given to spare cards? My nephew has just lost his in Buenos Aires…sounds like a fortnight to replace :sob:


I’m sure that Monzo wouldn’t officially approve, but is there anything to stop you ordering a new card but then not activating it until you need a new one?

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I guess not if the order doesn’t cancel the old card completely. If that only happens on the new activation, then good idea.