Multiple cardholders/spare cards


I will be using my Monzo account primarily for travel. Unfortunately, when you’re on the road for 6-12 months at a time, the reality is that having a card stolen or eaten by an ATM is bound to happen.

In most of the countries I travel in, postal services for replacements are only existent in capital cities several days’ travel away and can take weeks to arrive. I usually get round this by carrying multiple spares - when will it be possible to have multiple cards affiliated to the same Monzo account?

I’ve always used multiple cardholders with my Halifax Clarity before. But if I want to move to Monzo this is a necessity. The only workaround I’ve figured out so far is to freeze a card, order a replacement, then unfreeze the original and only activate the replacement if the first goes missing.

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This has been discussed here:

And Here:


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I believe there was some time when users got sent two cards and kept one as spare, eventually giving to friends/family for activation.

I believe there’s no reason why you wouldn’t request one or two spare cards and kept them deactivated, securely stored while travelling. Because of increased cost, I believe it should be some sort of additional cost paid by user - in the end, it’s for user’s benefit. I mean, I personally wouldn’t mind paying £10 for 2 spare cards, what do you think?

Cards are printed and distributed without linking specific card number to user, so it only matters who activates it. Technically, if you were to block card via app, get replacement on the way, and ‘fake’ that you just received it… system wouldn’t really know anyway.

That would really simplify recovering your card abroad, one lost and another reactivated on the same day. Unless your whole luggage gets stolen. :scream:

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Slightly off-topic, if I had cards with me, I could be unauthorised professional Monzo sales man. Basically, I spam people with Monzo info whenever they want to or not want to listen. I get them to install app, give them one of my spares to activate, and Monzo refunds me £5 I spent on the card? That’s a good, quick onboarding process, no waiting for card at all. :smiley:


Same as with sim cards good idea. I currently carry two Monzo prepaid and one debit because if my card is stolen on a 5 month trip in patagonia for example, I’d be screwed without backups.