(Alex Sherwood) #14

It sounds like you might be thinking of something like an adapted version of the target’s bars so perhaps this :arrow_down: ?

I’d be interested to see how / if the two features fit together - it seems like it’d make sense if they did…

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(Simon Porter) #15

Yeah I think if we had this on the accounts page and a separate page on the Breakdown page showing the pots in the same manner as Starling/Squirrel that would be ideal. Maybe a more advanced version of targets that helps you divide up your income between bills, pots and current account.

Something else to think about, shouldn’t pots be like sub-accounts of each account. On here you show nugmeg. If for example the nugmeg account has 3 pots, are you going to show this at the same level as the other accounts on this screen?

I do like hugo’s suggestion of having negative accounts under there such as student loans. I’d like Monzo to help me with paying off debts too.


(Adam Hockley) #16

wow thats the best sneakky preview i like @hugo


(i know the first 3 numbers) #17

This looks really great!
Will sharing the pots be an option so me and my girlfriend can both deposit into a holiday fund etc?



that is one of the cool features at bunq being able to create up to 10 accounts for things like holidays and saving and being able to share those accounts with other users, but they even allocate an account number for use with their pots

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(Alex Sherwood) #19

Shared pots (or joint accounts) will be coming a little bit later, here’s the latest update from the team on that feature -


Two cards for one user
(Carl Barrett) #20

I really like this. In the Ideas section @Danthejaw suggested that there could be restrictions placed on them so that you don’t keep dipping in to the pots, and the money would be ‘released’ when you actually need it. I’m awful at saving so I hope something along those lines is implemented.


(Jolin) #21

This looks really excellent! I’d love to see what is behind the ‘Rules’ and ‘Settings’ buttons. :grin: :pray:

I also echo the need for shared pots. Even if they can’t be delivered initially, considering them in the design would be good, so that they can be a natural extension of managing individual pots.


(Dan Warriner) #22

This would be absolutely fantastic! I think everyone has the need to segregate a little money away from the rest of their balance every now and again.


(Jim) #23

Yes absolutely. I limit spending each month on things like dining out, tech and so on, and this sort of feature would be invaluable.

p.s. allowing each of these to go in to a negative balance (where funds allow elsewhere) would be useful too.


(Adam Hockley) #24

what version is this one?



Really can’t recommend bunq - bunch of incompetents


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #26

I like the design but I hate the word ‘pots’ I personally would just like to see the words accounts or funds depending on circumstances instead i.e. nutmeg account or holiday funds.

Pots just annoys me



I have had problems with most banks (incl Monzo) and excellent service from many banks (incl Monzo and bunq) so I would not totally write off any particular bank. They all make mistakes, to err is human, and some staff can be average and others amazing. What really matters (to me) is the services available and their app or website functionality. Monzo has to be a leader for UK apps with their excellent integration of Google Maps but for non-UK apps the account sharing functionality of bunq is a big plus. Other great apps have to include Monese for it’s clarity, ease of use, and the functionality of the SEPA payments allowing entry of originating currency amount or destination currency amount (something most banks in UK don’t)



0. I verified with their 3rd party, was told everything fine

  1. Bunq had an issue with the comms between their verification provider and them
  2. I talked to the in app chat 4 times. Each time I was assured it was a technical issue. Each chat ended with a happy exclamation mark and please rate me! I waited to see the result of the chat rather than the high energy content! And! Happy! Words! And they withdrew the rating request after a few minutes (I guess they don’t want down rates)
  3. After a week (not the 5 mins they claim) I asked for it to be escalated
  4. I finally got a chat response and yes it would be sorted.
  5. The next day my app worked
  6. Then they locked me out - put a pin on the app that I hadn’t chosen.
  7. In app reset blocked
  8. I emailed and was told verification had failed.

They locked me out with no notification of any issue and didn’t even request further checks. Simply remote locked the app.

I consider I dodged a bullet. YMMV



People have same issues with Fidor as they (and N26 etc) also use IDnow.

Monese however do all their verification in house, hence winning awards.


(P Burrows) #30

Love it!! I’ll definetly be moving salary and what not into monzo although I’ll still keep my legacy account for the cash back (not saying no to “free” money) the ease that is shown for opening savings products is amazing! I look forward to getting the full current account and setting all this up!!

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(Colin Robinson) #31

And it’s a Current Account with an account number under the balance :slight_smile:


(Zain Jetha) #32

My thoughts:

  1. The space could be used better, fitting the Pot Title at the top and leaving the space in the middle for things like;
    -a progress bar (if applicable)
    -bespoke features (if an integration) - for instance, Nutmeg, PensionBee have charts, interest rates
  2. There should be a notable difference between a standard Monzo pot and a external integration
  3. Perhaps the pots are worthy of their own tab on the bottom, perhaps expanding into a tabular list view, and then allowing the user to click into a pot if he wants to see it in full screen, or keep the swipe option.


But so far not a bad start


(Katie Lindsay) #33

Will the pots be able to take any of the “round-ups” leftovers into it automatically. So if I spent £9.78 from my current account, I would have set something up so the 22p round up automaticall goes into a “savings pot” would be a nice idea! :slightly_smiling_face: