Turning off debit card top-ups for new users

Picture was out of date. He’s getting a new one.

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I’d also like to know - so that I can avoid them forever.

Updating it with a recent one?


Well, i’d leave that kind of bank pretty quickly! It’s 2018, not 1995!


Just two banks immediately off the top of my head Handelsbanken UK (who have about 3 times as many UK branches as Metro Bank) and Fidor UK (a UK subsidiary of a French bank BPCE), as for credit unions over 90% of them last time I saw, building societies I am not sure as not used any for a while but again I assume most of them are not operating weekends.


Does Natwest support new payees for faster payments yet? Always used to have to wait till the next working day when setting up a new payee :frowning:

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Ha ha, both forums…far more than that.

I have aged a bit in the last 3 years and can’t find a recent photo I like (except one where my head totally covered by an F1 helmet)

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I always had a feeling you were the Stig!


The curse of the Monzo forums? :rofl:

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That doesn’t surprise me.


When it comes to concerns about this causing issues for users topping up, I find this quite reassuring :slight_smile:


Don’t know. I’m nationwide :joy:

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Oh dear, you have obviously seen how I drive…oops


Good, about time it got cut off.

Salary (or equivalent) or nothing tbh :joy_cat:

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Great update from @cookywook :+1: Some additional stats:

We process about £1bn a year through card topups, overwhelmingly driven by users who’ve upgraded from the prepaid card and not switched to bank transfer yet.

The cost of providing card topups to the average upgraded prepaid user is £12/year. Only about 50% of these users actually use card topups (the remainder rely on bank transfer), so the cost for the people who actively use card topups is around £24/year. Obviously, for the new users where we’ve turned off card topups, the cost of putting money into the account is practically zero.

By comparison, it only costs £8/year to provide Monzo’s customer service to a user.

So, it would really help keep Monzo sustainable if we could move more people away from card topups, and towards bank transfer, or even ideally direct deposit of salary (or equivalent like student loan, benefits payments, pension etc).

I’d love to hear from the community - how do think we should do this?


I expect over time, as Monzo adds more & more value for users, they’ll switch to using Monzo as their primary account & eventually start paying their salary in.

In the meantime, it would be great if Monzo became a Payment Initiation Service Provider (or used a 3rd party’s service) to enable users to top up their account from another bank, which would mean that they only had to briefly leave the Monzo app..


Why not just charge 3% for any card top-up or Monzo.Me to cover the costs?

I mention Monzo.Me as otherwise they will just start using that to avoid a charge on top-ups


While card top ups can be very convienent and supporting longer term customers who helped get the company going the amount it costs can’t be ignored. I’m half tempted to say just turn it off but that would probably not be the most customer friendly or the best approach. Possibly limiting the amount that can be topped up by card and/or passing at least part of the cost on to the user might be the best way to move off this. Also education on how to transfer money and how easy it can be would probably go a long way to helping

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If I had an overdraft facility, I personally would not have to use card top up anymore. Until then, I have to make use of it…


I think it’s good. But should be turned off for everyone. Feels like it’s creating a tiered service. Everyone should be treated the same.


You’ve mostly been transparent to customers. Keep up the trend, set a deadline for this feature to expire and explain why to the customer base.

In the words of Apple:

“The reason to move on: courage. The courage to move on and do something new that betters all of us,”