Can't Top up with Debit card - no option to do so

Ok well you can always try Starling, they love top ups by card :slight_smile:


and Monese, they also allow card top ups.


Topping up by card costs Monzo a lot of money. It’s much better to transfer money by faster payment.

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Love the debit card topup option. Imo, Monzo is making a bit of a mistake chopping and changing key features, like overseas charges, debt card topups…


Well it all costs money hence it going.

Bank transfer is free and easier or better still have your wages paid in to your account

Debit card abroad is free and easier if not use a travel card like Starling bank


I can see why these things are going. Just from a tactical point of view, it was probably a mistake to have them in the first place. Removing features is always bad press, no?

Does anyone know how much it costs them? Maybe it is worth to keep the top up option to keep some people in. After all, they will spend with their cards so will make money for Monzo, some will get overdrawn, some might use the transfer option, marketplace and so on. Telling them to go away sounds a bit reckless :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No per topup figures though

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Not cheap but it might make sense to keep it for some users to keep those users in :wink:


Compare Monese charges

Incoming EEA Consumer Debit Card transfer 0.35% of load
Incoming International Debit Card transfer 2.5% of load

Monese is way too expensive for my taste! I wonder who gets accounts with them in the UK? It must be people without credit history.:pensive:

It is kind of similar to some American prepaid cards that charge you a fortune for everything :exploding_head:

Starling bank is NOT a travel card it is a debit card just like Monzo. If you looking specifically for a card just for travel rather than a full current account you could look at WeSwap.


I would say travel with proper credit card with no fees. You will avoid the lack of acceptance drama in most places, if things go bad you can refer to S75 to argue for reimbursement.


You may say it is a fortune but to pay 0.35% for a card top up is better than not being able to!

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Not everyone can get a credit card, at least not at a decent rate. Therefore options such as Starling or Monese are very practical for travellers.


I get you but Monese have more fees than those. If you could choose between Monzo Starling and Monese, you wouldn’t probabably choose Monese.

The thing is that some are not in a position to choose :disappointed_relieved:

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Literally millions of pounds per year.


Is there any reason why you can’t use bank transfers?

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I can, but I’m very lazy.
So lazy that I sometimes top up Monzo with a debit card and then send the money to Starling, because Monzo stores the card details and Starling doesn’t.
I can’t imagine bothering to log in to Nationwide just to do a small transfer, while top up is still available.
Hooked on convenience, essentially.
Never understood either why the approach was to warn users that it is expensive. Monzo isn’t a charity, AFAIK.

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