Trying to change my pin

(Naomi) #1

Hi all, i have just recieved my card and have tried 3 atm machines to change my pin. All of them have declined this transaction and also i cant view my balance…what should i do next? Also i am now worried that i may not be able to use this card so easily in america which is the reason i have had it :confused: tia x


do you have credit on your card and have you done a chip and pin transaction first. many cards/machines require this before they will allow you to change pin. I have changed my pin at an ATM of a big bank after topping it up and using it once for a chip and pin transaction, so it can be done

(Drew sanders) #3

@Naomi90 try use a high street bank ATM. They usually work but not always. I’ve had issues in the past with other cards.
Incidentally I used a Barclays ATM today and changed my PIN.

(Naomi) #4

Thanks i will try that…there is £100 on it.

(Naomi) #5

Thank you i will give it a go!

(Jolin) #6

Have a look at the wiki on using it in the USA (assuming that’s the part of America you’re referring to), which will tell you if there’s anything you need to be aware of.

(Naomi) #7

Thank you i will do that