How can you change the debit card pin?

I was given the initial pin code for my new debit card but how do I change it ?

The help section of the app has guidance.

Go to Help and type ‘change pin’ in the search box.

In the app in help a bot gave me a choice of problems none of which were to do with a card. It said they would find someone and I am still waiting

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To get to the help article shared in the previous post…


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I am in the US

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Moved topic to Monzo USA - You could message then or try changing your PIN at an ATM

Not sure what @Dunsford deleted as not relevant to the US customer, but my suggestion was to change the pin at an ATM.

Screenshot showing to change it at U.K. :uk: banks ATM machines :wink: from Help section.

Doesn’t the ATM option work in the US?

Probably but the bank references are incorrect?

Ah, ok, but maybe it’s good enough as a solution for the OP?

It should - I looked up How Do I Change a Debit Card PIN Number? (with pictures) (

It would be useful if this forum could be setup to automatically give US users a US flag/icon next to their name


@SouthseaOne or @Peter_G may be able to make that happen

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Afraid not - that’d be one for @AlanDoe!


Unfortunately, US accounts don’t have a way to change the PIN, at least not that I’ve found. You’re stuck with it for now.

I have a credit union account with a dual-card system that’s similar- the VPay debit card PIN can’t be changed from the initial PIN, only the Visa card.

Hey @Nigeltownsend, unfortunately, for US accounts we don’t yet have the ability to change your PIN once it is set during sign up.

This has been a really common request and we understand this is a really important feature though, so keep a lookout for us to add this feature soon!


Informed by Monzo that US customers are unable to change pin !

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