Try this one trick to stop yourself spending your savings

Has anyone tried this and found that it works?

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Locked pots would stop you doing that as well :eyes:


Slightly clickbait-esque title, this. Can we just not?



Isn’t it supposed to be? This isn’t aimed at Monzo users, but trying to attract eyeballs to bring more users to Monzo, no? I don’t like it either but is one way marketing is done these days?

If it’s not aimed at Monzo users, why mention it here on its own topic?

Clickbait titles are the absolute worst and indicate (IMO) a desperate need to get clicks over and above the need to disseminate information.


Yeah, no idea why we get notification of new posts here (I wonder if it’s an easy way to get a ‘link’ which Google will use as part of its page rating algorithm I think).

And yes, clickbait isn’t great, but for I’d warrant that the key metric is to get more users to Monzo, by any means possible. Writing blog posts that get shared and get more eyes on them is one way of doing that, and those kind of titles are part and parcel.

“Checkout how thease 5 people saved 5 billion pounds, banks hate them, you could do it too with this small hack”


Are you ‘watching’ the #newsblog category?


The button in the top right of the category page controls whether you receive notifications for new posts or not. It’s not on by default.

These blog posts are definitely for the people who don’t follow Monzo (or follow them loosely).

I don’t mind seeing them as such (although, like others, the click bait headline is a turn off), but if anything, this blog is a real manipulation of marketing.

There have been people arguing for “custom pot images” for as long as I can remember. Yet Monzo had always said, “It’s not a priority for us… we have some challenges around this area” etc etc.

Then when it was announced that it was coming (quite a while ago), it transpired that it’s a “Monzo time” project - i.e. It’s still not important enough for Monzo to bother with, and it’s down to the staff who actually want it, to implement it.

Now it’s here, all of a sudden we get blog posts telling us of the psychological importance of images on pots, and referencing Indian studies…

I appreciate I’m cynical (overly so, no doubt), but at times, it feels like Monzo is becoming a marketing company who happen to offer a bank account.

I’ll reiterate… I appreciate 99% of the customer base won’t think along these lines, and likely don’t care - But the few who read these forums and are starting to get a little disillusioned with the “blogs”, will potentially feel the same.

There have been some really interesting blogs in the past (that offered genuinely good advice/information).

It would be great to get back to those times…


One trick that’s only available on iOS.

(Yeah, I’m not bitter at all :rofl:)


Monzo’s friction for pots has gone from having it unlockable only by customer services to stick an image of your kids on it. :joy:


Yeah thanks. Bad wording. I was more questioning why such posts were double posted into the forums as well. I’d warrant most of us are already customers and know this stuff as… we are in the forums? :wink:

I know Monzo were (possibly still are?), testing out different tones of voice with their communication… But I’d just like to agree with @tbutz here, and say I hate the click bait posts…

I’ve just seen this on Twitter, and it’s so far removed from what I’d like to see from Monzo…

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I wish this kinda stuff would go under a new blog category so I can just block it like I do with the travel one as this is not news nor an update.