Trustpilot Reviews

(Simon B) #472

We found some evidence before that pointed toward a co-ordinated attack. You’ll note that those reviews come largely from new accounts that don’t leave other reviews. To date, we’ve not felt the need to encourage satisfied customers to leave us good reviews, but if we need to tip the scales back at some point, we’ll do it.

(Simon B) #473

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(EJ) #475

Me too. Transparency on this issue would really help, as well as clarification on what could look from the outside as name profiling.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #476

I mean, come on. Like a bank which has cost millions to establish and had to prove time after time to the Bank of England and other regulators that it’s responsible, is going to want to nick someone’s poxy £3,000. Don’t they realise the basic premise of their fraudulent complaints, that a British bank would ‘steal’ customers’ money, is utterly ridiculous?

These chancers have tried it on with Monzo because they’ve (wrongly) believed (or been duped) it’s somehow easier for them to fool a new bank, and the security isn’t the same as a High Street bank.

When fraud is the most common offence in the UK now, what we’re seeing is the back end results of where all that money needs to end up.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #477

This is my favorite one, 3 reviews listing every company possible including the police.

The person has left a full name which could easily be found by Monzo against a frozen account but if its not there they could easily leave a response saying they have searched for the reviewers name and there is no such account.


I swear he posted the exact same thing on here.

(Tony) #479

He did. Last night. The topic was closed and hidden, for obvious reasons.

(Tony Hoyle) #480

It’s also possible Monzo are just better at detecting certain kinds of fraud. Their machine learning article probably needs an update now as it’s mostly about topups, but assuming they’re applying the same kind of algorithms they’ll be pretty accurate by now (would be interesting to know what the false positive rate is now for example since ‘we ban only 1 genuine user for every 3 fraudsters’ is still a bit high).


I think it’s that too. One of my best friends (Polish) had three cousins come over for summer work before Uni. Other banks rejected them because no proper address, Monzo didn’t blink an eyelid.

Whether you think it’s good or bad it’s so easy to open an account without stricter checks, it is going to lead to issues as per trust pilot/fraud accounts.

(Alex Sherwood) #482

Or Monzo has better checks that don’t rely on the arbitrary & inflexible criteria that the banks use.


Not judging by the trustpilot reviews they don’t… :open_mouth:

(Alex Sherwood) #484

Every bank has reviews like that, every bank attracts people who want to commit fraud.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #485

I like how the same people have liked every bad review for at least 4 pages back, seems more like the same ‘people/team’ writing them.


(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #486

Is it Loz and Leighton? They like each other’s posts.


Philips hue alert! There he is!

(Andre Borie) #489

It could also be that Monzo attracts more fraudsters due to the ease of opening a new account compared to legacy counterparts.

(Jack) #490

And the likelihood that since they are new maybe their fraud detection isn’t as fleshed out :man_shrugging:t3:

(Andre Borie) #491

I would disagree on this. Monzo’s card fraud detection algorithms seem way more advanced than legacy bank’s. I would be surprised if the same didn’t apply to account-usage fraud.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #492

Can we actually access all these all these alleged reports to the FCSA or whoever they are droning on about?

(Tony Hoyle) #493

The nonexistant ones? :stuck_out_tongue:

FCA website: “We do not investigate individual complaints.”

The FSCS has nothing to do with anything, it deals with insolvency.

So that leaves the ombudsman… oh, wait, like every other ombudsman they insist you go through the standard complaints procedure and have to wait up to 8 weeks.

This doesn’t square with mr. “Had salary paid in today … <insert list of TLAs he’s apparently now dealing with>”