Trends - Categorise pending transactions (even if they get uncategorised after)

Pending transactions are killing my experience with Trends, especially when the pending transaction is a credit (salary for example).

It would be very handy to be able to set a category on pending transactions, primarily so they can be excluded from spending.

I’ve heard before that this cannot be done because when the payment settles, Monzo is unable to link it to the pending payment. This is fine, I don’t mind having to categorise it again (assuming the auto categorisation hasn’t already dealt with it correctly).

May I suggest two options:

  1. Exclude pending CREDITS from Trends
  2. Allow users to assign categories to pending transactions, EVEN THOUGH, we know they’ll lose the categorisation once they complete


@revels what do you think about option 1?

Having to redo it is a terrible experience


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