Sort Pending Charges in Trends

I think a simple on here. I use my Monzo Trends religiously at the moment (probably a bit too much). I really like the category budgets but one thing that throughs my desire so immediate information is seeing pending charges that I know are going to go to a certain budget but instead sit in the pending category.

It would be a great if there was toggle switch where we could either have the pending category enabled, or have the option to have pending charges sit in their associated categories (especially if they are with merchant that I’ve shopped with before!)


This one’s been asked before a few times including by me! :slight_smile:

Feel free to vote but I can’t see it happening. Only Lumio does this, other aggregator apps don’t let you do it either. Mainly because the transaction is super hard to sort as depending on the bank it’s either deleted and reposted or can change and break things.