Category selection for pending payments (Connected account)

Would be great if we could mark the category of a payment while it’s still pending. I have my Amex connected and sometimes a transaction can be pending for a few days and I forget to update its category.


I asked for this a long time ago and was told by someone at Monzo that it isn’t possible for a specific technical reason (can’t remember exactly what they said as it was a while back).

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I think different transaction ids when it later settles - and there’s nothing connecting the pending vs complete?

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That’s interesting, I would’ve assumed a transaction has an unique ID accompanied by a separate attribute for its status (pending/complete)

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What’s true of one, isn’t true of all - unfortunately.

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Updootng this too. From a software development standing, I understand equality between pending and later clearing transactions cannot be ascertained at the moment.

However, implementing an alternative transaction equality based on data available(e.g. date of transaction, amount and merchant name) should still yield satisfactory results most of the time?

And the severity given a mismatch in category is minimal: the trends will be slightly off, which is the same outcome if a user forgets what cleared transactions from a week ago were about!

If they can’t deal with categories on pending charges I’d prefer all external payments to default to General so I can mop up when they clear. Currently things are auto assigned and I’ve got to remember to keep checking if anything has cleared to check it’s been given the correct category and change if necessary :slightly_frowning_face: