Trends - a big update to the Monzo experience

It was quite the week. Any guesses on what we’ll end up getting?

Custom categories in the Joint Account?

Hhahahahahahahahahaha, oh, I thought you’d appreciate a little joke there.

I mean, I am guessing that it’s Summary and Trends finally merged, meaning that the interface can/has been cleaned up a lot, one unified feature, etc? Anything else feels a bit like winow dressing at this point and probably doesn’t really count as “exciting Trends news

Joking aside though, I find Trends totally pointless without custom categories, as all my interesting spending is in the Joint Account, so unless they do custom categories in the Joint Account, it won’t be something I can use.


You’re not missing much. I find it pointless even with custom categories. But that could be more an issue with custom categories than Trends. Too much friction for me to take real advantage, and there’s no smarts to them if I’m not manually categorising everything.

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I wrote extensively on the forum about this before, and - who knows - perhaps their update includes this - but the feature that seems missing from Trends is, like, long-term planning. How do you step back and see the big picture? Where all your stuff is going? How you could redirect X amount saved from Y to an investment in Z and how that would look over various timeframes. How could you save up for this or that thing, and would it be better to debt-finance it, when would it be paid off, etc. None of that “financial control center” stuff is there, and it’s what I would love to see.


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Interestingly, this sort of thing seems to be (broadly) the top votes in this topic - I didn’t think it would be:

Indeed, future period projection seems even more popular than category budgeting, which I suspect will end up in Trends and include connected accounts. It’ll be fine but not life changing.


I hesitate to march us up this hill again, but…

When do we get the “exciting Trends news”?

  • Monday 8th
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Nope, not this week either

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I’d have gone for “This week sometime”

Hopefully it’s the merging of summary and trends…

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I fear the delay means that expectation will be greater than reality. But hope remains!


Was the person who popped in to announce it particularly senior?

Hate to be pessimistic… but do you think its this meme thing going on they were talking about?


Can confirm that the current activity on social and what was mentioned in here are two different things :upside_down_face:


What is the thing that’s mentioned in here? :eyes:


Some exciting trends news which has been hinted about but no real detail given.

Or was that a ploy to get someone to slip up and post it? :eyes:

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Something everyone can really enjoy truly…



Haha @AlanDoe you tease :joy:

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Disco Ball Confirmed :clap:

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Does this mean some joint account parity finally?! :thinking::man_shrugging:t2: