Travelling with Monzo ✈️

(Daniele Palumbo) #64

Hi Guys! Anyone travelling in Morocco with Monzo? I’ll be there next year for 3 weeks and wanted to be sure I could use the card!

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #65

Suggest you try


Kind of a new user whose come to the beta late (android) and think this is great / almost essential…

Eg I didnt even realize it was beta… Didnt know the android app was limited… Dont know fees… Etc etc…

Forums are great for a beta crowd and passionate users… But at the cross over point to an actual product for normal public more documentation and clarity is essential. A wiki would bridge that gap nicely and could be cultivated into a more ‘guide’ format easily.

(Alex Sherwood) #67

Just to clarify, Monzo does not charge users fees (with one exception). Yes you may have to pay a fee to use Monzo to withdraw money from an ATM but that charge is being applied to the ATM provider, not Monzo.

There’s a risk that users would end up posting incorrect bugs (due to misunderstandings), if that post was a Wiki & this post seems to be working ok to me.

The Android - iPhone feature gap is being & will be addressed soon.

There is a post asking for more documentation here -

(James Billingham) #68

It is also worth noting that, in the UK at least, fees charged by the ATM don’t ever seem to be passed onto the customer by Mondo. I’m not sure that this was necessarily intentional, or if the ATM is just deciding not to charge it for some reason.

I have never been charged for using an ATM with Mondo, and regularly use one near my office which is meant to have a £1.99 fee for withdrawals.

This might be the case overseas too, though I don’t know about this at all.


Thats the benefit of a wiki though, its curated…

(Alex Sherwood) #70

So are these posts though? The benefit of the bugs list not being a Wiki is that incorrect bugs are never posted in a list that would appear to have been verified, to the average user.

As far as I know, there’s no review functionality built into Discourse which would enable other users to check edits to the Wiki before they’re posted…

(Ben Green) #71

Discourse does have a post moderation feature to approve others posts mentioned here, although that looks site wide and therefore obviously not enabled for Monzo.

(Alex Sherwood) #72

I’m guessing that you’re referring to this feature?

I’d be surprised if this feeds into Wikis though, it looks like it’s more designed for reviewing new posts, rather than edits.

It would be good if the feature was there but either way I think the known issues should be managed by Monzo.

(Catherine Haddon) #73

Hi, I’m off to Perth on boxing day has anyone used it here or can anyone give me any advice ?

(Alex Sherwood) #74

You asked in the best place for anyone to post their tips :arrow_down: the first time :slight_smile:


Created a Kenya topic here: Monzo in Kenya 🇰🇪

(Ricky Bache) #76

hi alexs - just about to go to Perth and Western Oz too beginning of Feb so was wondering how you got on last Dec?

:australia: Monzo in Australia [Discussion]
(Richard Müller, Consultant) #77

I suggest you also see 🇦🇺 Monzo in Australia [Discussion]


I’m planning a trip to Zimbabwe, passing through South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.
Has anyone any experience of whether Monzo can be used at Victoria Falls for Hotels and Excursions?
I’ve only just arrived in this forum and haven’t found the Create Thread link.
Thanks to anyone who can help.


(Richard Müller, Consultant) #79

also have a look at 🇿🇦 Monzo in South Africa

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #80

@naji, I’ve just started a Monzo in Austria category which you might want to add to your list at the top of this thread. I’ll be updating it when I return from Vienna but hope that others will share experiences in the meantime.

(Zainab Khan) #81

Thanks @SladdinCJ! Will add it in :+1: Have a great trip!

(Oz) #82

Hi all,

So far I’ve travelled Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam with my Monzo card.

I couldn’t withdraw any cash from ATMs in these countries maybe there is something wrong with my card.

But in all of them I could pay using monzo card either contactless or chip and pin.

Has anyone had the same problem ? I mean no ATM withdrawals.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #83

have you enabled your mag strip, and are you a verified user ?

enabling mag strip -

  • iPhone can do it in app on the card screen tap on the settings , Android need to contact customer support - it should then work in most ATMs

ID verified user

section 17 in the T and C tells you verified / unverified card limits to give you a clue whether you’re verified or not

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