Travelling with Monzo ✈️

(Oliver strong) #44

In Mexico now using my Monzo!!!
Travel reports are working really well and no rejections or problems yet. Stress free banking abroad

(Oliver strong) #45

Can you add mexico to the list

(Richard Raybould) #46

Create a separate thread called “Monzo in Mexico” in the traveling category with a couple of details about what worked or did not (ATMs, how well accepted cards were in stores, etc.) and poke @Naji to get it added to the above list.

(Sean Pearce) #47

I’ve created a topic Monzo in Norway for my pending visit in about a week.

(Demetris Mavroudis ) #48

Just arrived in Budapest. No Hungary posts

(Alex Sherwood) #49

In that case, you know what to do :arrow_up: :slight_smile:

(Demetris Mavroudis ) #50

Ha. There should have been a question mark at the end. I was asking a question. Sorry about that lol. Will start using it and post results.

(James vincent) #51

Just got my card today. My 1st time here. Is there a fee for withdrawing money from a cash point in other countries?

(Alex Sherwood) #52

No there isn’t, you might find this blog helpful

(Ben Green) #53

I don’t think Monzo will ever charge, but the ATM might, either for everyone or because it would have to convert from GBP to the local currency of wherever you happen to be.

In my example quoted above, I was lucky to find an “intelligent” ATM as I’ve since discovered the majority of them in this country, and I expect most countries will charge either a percentage or flat fee.

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #54

always withdraw in the local currency not GBP. That way you will get Monzo’s beneficial rates rather than be ripped off by the DCC provider

(Ben Green) #55

Exactly what I chose and my reasoning too :wink:

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #56

you may be interested in this post from another thread

(Ben Green) #57

My card was declined for making an in flight purchase. The reason I was given was they don’t have an internet connection (dunno what I was expecting to magically work - silly me). I had a backup credit card available and although had less balance it was still accepted, obviously as it was offline.

Just adding this to the list of known common examples of offline transactions.

Monzo in Flight ✈
(Stuart Cameron) #58

i’ve used mine on flights before…

Monzo in Flight ✈
(Ben Green) #59

Ah! Well in that case it probably depends on which airline you fly with. I used Wow Air.

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #60

Flights can be odd. On a recent RyanAir flight a colleague made two separate card purchases on the same card on the same flight and they were each processed differently incurring different charges :slight_smile:


Let us know how it went for you. Was monzo identified as a credit card everywhere?

(Jason Green) #62

Can we have a Barbados section

(Alex Sherwood) #63

Yes, just create a post “Monzo in Barbados” and it will be added to the list :slight_smile: