Existing medical condition

So having just ditched nationwide travel insurance and moved to monzo, now getting geared up for my first trip and thought I’d contact monzo to disclose my recent medical updates (hospital recently for gall bladder removal, hernia repair and then some old problems that still exist such as my ankle arthritis, plus also my son has an ongoing over active thiroid medication.)

The response from the monzo insurance company was that they don’t cover existing medical conditions and don’t offer the option to pay extra to cover siad conditions.

Yes, Monzo Travel Insurance doesn’t cover existing medical conditions nor does it offer the option to add them.

But Nationwide’s insurance does.


And sometimes for free.

So back to nationwide (tail between legs) :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy:

It is very unfortunate that this is the case as I’m sure it probably omits lots of people who have maybe made the jump like me to fall at the last hurdle, maybe my due diligence should have been upped prior to jumping.

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I’ve just signed up to Nationwide for the insurance. Very easy to fill in a form for Aviva for pre-existing conditions and get a quote (£0) so they’re covered before opening the account. Monzo is very easy to set these things up but seems much more restrictive/inflexible in their cover, hence going with Nationwide but sticking with Monzo for day-to-day banking.

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If you also open a savings account with them, you should get the fairer shares payment next year too. With that, you’re effectively getting the insurance for £56/year.

Thanks I’ll take a look. Still waiting for account details to come through post so I can actually get access.

Depends on the eligibility criteria in 2025 though. It’s not a dead cert.

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True, but no downside in adding a savings account if you already have the current. Worst case you just get the interest, best case you get the interest plus the £100.

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That’s me back to nationwide insurance after my brief encounter with the monzo max package (although I still have to pay for 1 more month).

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If you get joint current account and joint savings then it’s £200 - £100 each. More than pays for the monthly fee.