Transport for Edinburgh contactless info like TfL

It might be a good idea to add the same disclaimer to Lothian Buses/TfE contactless payments as you do TfL ones. TfE preauthorises 10p and tallies the total cost the next day. image

This makes perfect sense.

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I just came on here to request this and more! I’d like to see proper support for the Lothian Buses contactless like with TfL, so in addition to the above disclaimer, could you:

  • Get rid of the pending 10p transaction when the proper charge comes in (they are currently hanging around my feed for 8 days and counting)

  • Put a note in the proper transaction saying Travel charge for Sunday, 4 Aug, also like with TfL



Had my first TfL transaction with the note today.

I’ve always assumed all of that management is on the TfL side rather than Monzo. I could well be wrong but I was assuming they were driving the transactions through the system properly where others don’t.

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This is correct.

TfL actually update the cost of the intial 10p authorisation within the presentment. I would appear that TfE create an entirely new authorisation.

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What’s even stranger is that if you use a Visa card, you don’t get an initial 10p charge. Still, I would think that Monzo can put some rules in place to deal with this more gracefully on their end.

Not all of it is – the note about how TfL payments work is added by Monzo (and in early days it didn’t exist).

Edit: I also think the transaction note about what date the travel charge applies to is done on Monzo’s end. I don’t remember this being there in the early days either.

I’m quite enjoying the new TfE service, no more having to bulk buy tickets in advance, worry about them expiring and the fact that it intelligently caps - no more thinking in advance if I need to make a third journey at some point and should purchase a return,

The downside is when trying to reconcile my balance against my own records. I’m not recording the 10p authorisations, it makes no sense to, but then I need to keep track of how many 10p authorisations are still pending to reconcile against the ultimately real balance.

I wouldn’t mind manually flagging certain transactions to have them ignored, just something so I don’t need to count them and all the tally to the displayed balance.


I still have a 10p pending transaction showing in my feed from Lothian Buses on 4 Aug (and several more since then). :sob: When will these drop off? It does seem like a case where Monzo could put in a special rule

merchant="Lothian Buses" & amount="10" & date=">3 days ago"
=> hide feed item

Obviously if for some bizarre reason a 10p transaction was subsequently presented, then the feed item would come back, but I honestly can’t see how this would happen (not aware of anything you can buy for 10p from Lothian Buses!).