TransferWise Protection? Does it exist...?

Hello everyone :smile: Is someone in the community able to help me? So far no one I have spoken to on the in app chat has been able to help me… I am looking to pay an invoice to the USA for some goods. However, I want to know that if I use the TransferWise option through Monzo is my money, as a customer, protected in the same way as if I were to use PayPal for this transaction? With PayPal I believe you have protection and help to get your money back if the item(s) you paid for never arrives, arrives damaged or is very different from how the seller has described. TransferWise has a page reviewing this ( but does not mention if they offer the same protection, guarantee and help… only that they are cheaper than PayPal! Does anyone know about this? Or have any experience of getting a refund through TransferWise if something were to go wrong…? This seems a strange thing that no one on the Monzo chat can answer as it seems a pretty vital part of security to know if Monzo through TransferWise offer this or not! Thanks! :blush:

They do not.

Thank you - that’s extremely helpful! And a shame - I would have loved if they were able to protect your money! Oh well! PayPal it is!