Transferring USD from PayPal balance to Monzo without PayPal’s currency conversion

I have some USD in my PayPal balance. I want to withdraw them to my Monzo account (or Transferwise or Revolut, just out of PayPal).

The problem is that when I try to withdraw them, it lets me send them to my Monzo card but I have no option but to convert them to GBP using PayPal’s atrocious conversion rate.

Does anyone know if there is a way to avoid the conversion with PayPal’s rates? I tried adding my Transferwise card as well but apparently it’s not supported for withdrawals.
I also tried linking my Revolut USD account but PayPal asks for Sort Code and Account number while Revolut USD has an IBAN.

Thanks in advance! :pray:

As you have a PayPal UK account you’re a bit stuck unless you know anyone who has a US PayPal account you trust enough to do with withdrawal for you.

For example I have a US and UK bank account, as well as PayPal accounts, the only way I’d know to do this whilst avoiding any fees would be to send it to my US account, withdraw it to my US bank account, then transfer it across that way.