Transfer from Pot to Account - Increase budget?

Part feedback, part idea, part I might be budgeting this in a bad way.

I get paid, transfer money to pots and then what I have in my main account is my budget, along with my food and fuel pot.

For the sake of round numbers

Account: £500
Fuel & Food: £500

As when I spend it comes from that pot, this works perfectly fine.

Yesterday my car had an MOT/Service, I have this money put aside in my car pot. I transferred it in but it has put me over my budget for the month and doesn’t seem to take into account (ha) this money coming back into my budget.

So yesterday morning

Account: £200
Car pot: £300

Moved from car pot, to account

Account: £500
Car pot: £0

Spent £297

So in my logic, my budget should be £203, as I’ve effectively gained £3 from the transfer?

But what it’s saying is that I’m now over my budget as I had £200 and spent £297, so I’m over and I have £0 to spend when there is money there still.

In these instances I exclude the payment from summary (you can do this on the details screen for the transaction).

Mainly because it’s already been budgeted for and I like to remove them from my usual monthly budget.

Either that or you can probably get it switched to a committed spend by setting up the transaction as a subscription. This should remove it from your summary.


Thank you, I don’t know why I didn’t think of exclude from summary!

I do exactly the same :+1: