Transaction from a café in Paris appears as TFL


A transaction from a café in Paris shows up as coming from TFL in my app.
When using the “Something wrong” option, as Monzo thinks it’s a TFL payment, it doesn’t allow me to change the merchant information.
It also doesn’t let me start a chat session as it pushes me towards TFL support.

Has this happened to anyone?
And How can I get Monzo to correct it?

Here’s the transaction:


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Interesting, it looks like for TFL transactions Monzo replace the merchant information improvement button with one explaining how TFL payments work. It looks like you’ll have to contact support through the in-app chat help item (search ‘contact us’) instead of through the transaction.

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You can report it, but I wouldn’t hold your breath that it will be fixed. It doesn’t really matter though, so no need to worry about it.

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This should now be fixed. :+1:

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Thanks all for the answers.

I managed to have a chat with a representative about it, who said that it might be an app bug, and as long as the amount was ok it’s wasn’t a big problem.

@tjvr For now it’s still appearing as TFL, but I guess it might take some time to update (or maybe it’s fixed for the next time?)


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Ah yes, sorry, I misspoke: it’s now fixed for next time, not for this transaction.

That said: we’re working on some changes to merchants behind the scenes, which means that at some point in the future this transaction will get fixed.