Transaction "Note" in list/search page doesn't update after editing

(Mark H) #1

The following behaviour was observed on the iOS app - latest version 1.9.4 as of 5th April, 2017.

Pick a transaction from the Home tab from a vendor that you know will have multiple historical transactions in your history. Tap it to view the ‘transaction detail’ screen.

Scroll down to the history section and tap on the row that lists the vendor name and indicates how many historical transactions (Number of payments) you have made with that vendor. This displays a ‘search results’ screen tagged with the vendor name.

Pick any historical transaction in the results list, for which a note is displayed underneath the vendor name. Tap that row to view the transaction detail screen for that transaction. Tap the note field to display the note editing page and edit the note.

Now hit ‘back’ twice to return to the ‘search results’ screen and note that the new note value is not displayed here but the old original value is.

Tap ‘cancel’ to back out of this screen and return to the history section of the transaction detail screen from the originally selected transaction.

Tap on the same ‘Number of Payments’ row again to view the same page of results but note that this time the note value of the transaction you edited will display correctly.

In other words, the displayed note values are retrieved as part of the search process but no updates are triggered when the individual result record is updated causing the results displayed to lag behind what is actually true for the record you edit.

Hope that all makes sense. Shout if anything is unclear.