Transaction Download to Excel

(Jason Joslin) #1

The ability to export all my transactions to excel or some similar data format for further use. Date ranges would also be needed and filters on categories to select the required transactions for export.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I expect this will be possible once you get the search feature too :tada:

As you’ll see from the blog post that I shared a link to, in response to your search feature request, the ability to export data is tied to search. You search for the data, apply your search filters & then export the results, which sounds just like what you’re looking for :+1:


Search on android has been here for a while now, is export to excel in the works?

(Jim) #4

I’d rather have the ability to connect to the data source from Excel using a data connection of some sort. That way I won’t have to re-export the data from Monzo; I could just do a Data/Refresh from within Excel. I don’t know if the security implications would scupper that idea though?

(Alex Sherwood) #5

I expect you can do that right now, using the Monzo API :smiley:

It looks like something similar’s been built for Google Sheets already -

(Jim) #6

Thanks Alex, I initially thought the authentication side of things looked far too scary, but I see now there’s already some work here that might help me:

I’ll give it a go some time soon and report back if I get anywhere useful with it.