Transaction Details Screen

We got a sneak peak of this new design at last month’s open office event (& Android users have this already :eyes:) but @zancler’s just shared some pictures of the new design, for various types of transactions on Twitter / Dribble :heart_eyes:



Zander’s just mentioned this in the developer’s Slack channel too..


If you’re curious to hear more about the options that were considered & why this design was chosen, Zander explains at the beginning of this talk -


Sick of android always being ahead :see_no_evil:

In all seriousness though. This looks great!

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Are there any screenshots for the iOS version?

This looks gorgeous, can’t wait :slight_smile:

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2 are ios(1 and 3) are android(2 and 4) are they not?

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Ah, my bad :grimacing:

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I’m just disappointed that you’d head to Yard Sale Pizza

Sodo Pizza in Clapton is so much better. :grin:

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Okay, I’ll have to give it a try :pizza: 'til then I’m Team Yard Sale!

You’ve not tasted pizza until you’ve been to Fatto a Mano in Brighton and Hove. Seriously, it’s better than pizza in Italy and that was excellent.

Anyway, seems that Android gets a lot of love first both here and at Starling. Looking forward to updates on iOS. :+1:

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Nobody has tasted pizza, unless they’ve been to Dominos and had a BBQ base pizza on an Italian crust thingy :wink:

But these places sound very lovely!! :smiley: Shame both places are pretty far away haha!

I can highly recommend The Chovy or Tom & Garlic starters and the Sunny Goat pizza

Sodo Pizza for anyone outside London who’s wondering what on earth I’m referring to :grin:

The one thing I do like from Yard Sale is the cheese and marmite garlic bread though.

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The only thing I like about Donimos is their sour cream sauce. It’s not that great for the price you pay- now, Pizza Hut does a pizza which is essentially a Big Mac on a pizza like Crazy Pedros. It’s amazing :raised_hands:t3:

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If you’re lucky enough with the deals at your local dominos… You can get some pretty killer pizza! :wink:

I think the best I’ve walked away with was £7.99 for a Large 4-topping pizza (collection only)

But better pizza certainly exists! :slight_smile:

As an avid consumer of Italian pizza for almost 50 years, the closest I’ve been to a real Italian pizza here in the UK was Franco Manca in Chiswick High Street a few years back, however they’ve changed management and things are not what they used to be.

I’m happy to report that Metro Piazza in Ruislip High Street, reasonably local to my home and workplace, are as authentic as my nonna used to make, and arguably the best pizza in west London :yum:


Just want to note my love for both :pizza: and slack :clap:

What score do you give for this? I mean the taste of Pizza, based on price and flavor?

New details screen… And still no running balance…

As Hugo has said it was for sure coming, seems an ideal opportunity…

I’d consider the running balance a new feature, since the data needs to be retrieved & handled in the app, whereas the details screen change is just a redesign of the UI.

Since we know that there’s no new features for the prepaid app & it looks like there won’t be any new non-core current account functionality in the preview app, I’m not surprised.

Love the new layout but I must say I’m not a big fan of that gradient overlay going into the map. A straight line going through the middle of the logo would be cleaner.

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