The Shoe Thread

Time we had a thread dedicated to shoes, don’t you think?

I’ll start with a poll.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

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Now let’s discuss shoes in all manners, shapes, and forms!

Share your favourite pair! Your comfiest! Your best for all weather conditions! And if you collect them, feel free to share your collection!

I’ll begin with one of the more controversial opinions out there by proclaiming my love for Ugg. Contrary to popular opinion, they’re more than just the boots they’re famed for, and actually make some great, comfy shoes, sneakers, and boots that don’t look half bad. They do some pretty cool and innovative things with their soles. The wool lining in a lot of their shoes is actually great for thermal and moisture regulation too.


Do dinosaur claw slippers count as that’s all I seem to wear working at home these days? :laughing:


Definitely! I have some pikachu ones! :laughing:


I had to count my work shoes :hiking_boot: in to make to a number 4 :joy:

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Adidas originals for most of the time, Toms now it’s summer, then flip flops, sliders, boots, work shoes and 4 or 5 pairs of running trainers.

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work shoes. everyday trainers. ‘nice’ trainers. climbing shoes. running shoes. hiking boots. cycling shoes.

do flip flops count? I own loads of those, but they are like socks for me, I can never find a matching pair when I need them!


That’s a lot of shoes! I’d love to understand the mindset of owning so many, because quite a few people seem to own as many shoes as any other item of clothing!

I just one pair of boots, 1 pair of sneakers, wellies, and slippers!

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40+ pairs of trainers (some collectable and never worn).
Allbirds are my daily drivers (about six pairs). SO COMFY.
Then formal shoes, running shoes etc.


What are these actually like?

I’ve heard a lot about them, and from what I gather they seem like a Brit take on Atoms.

These new sneaker players are an interesting bunch, and in many ways remind me of the fintech industry.

They are very comfortable and a great fit - I have slightly wide feet and they fit me great. Like walking on a cloud. Also, just throw them in the washing machine and let them dry and good as new. Pretty sure there are many similar companies but I have not tried their shoes.

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Same! I have slippers, wellies, one pair of running shoes for everyday wear, and one pair of winter boots. Oh, and some dusty work shoes somewhere

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Favorite specific shoe - Adidas 1’s from 2004, which I still wear (dog walks) though they are looking very tired now and slightly more discoloured than in the earlier smart-shoe post:

Favorite brand, tricky but probably between Camper (casual/formal) and Adidas (LA/X_PLR trainers and also the excellent SLVR shoe range) - I’ve owned quite a number of Camper/Adidas shoes and they’ve been great.

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You have actually just sold me on these! They sound great!


This sounds like a club you’re not allowed to talk about!

I like the variation. New pair, new colour/style.

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Love my Allbirds. Have a pair of the wool runners :ok_hand:

I have two pairs of trainers, a pair of semi-smart boots, my docs, a couple of pairs of smart shoes (one v cheap, one v spen) and then some Birkenstocks.

Edit: I guess some Christmassy fluffy slippers too but I don’t really count those as ‘shoes’.


For clarity, by smart do you mean formal, or smart like a smart phone?

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Haha formal. Two pairs of black leather shoes for work/formal events.

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I remember being obsessed with shoes as a kid. Before I grew up and embraced minimalism.

I blame all the Clarks adverts on Nickelodeon! And I still have GEOX! The shoe that breathes! engrained into my brain.

The pester power marking of adverts aimed at children was very effective though. You can bet my school shoes were from Clark’s and my trainers were GEOX. Probably had some Sketchers too. And Heelys!

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Who can forget the electronic machines that Clarks had that you put your foot into to be measured?!


Converse all star for my civilian clothes. At work I have to wear steel toes so I got some no-name SWAT-style boots (my Shit Kickers, I call them) and they’re the most comfortable boots I’ve worn. Plus there’s so much steel in them I get a workout whenever I walk.

(The orange laces were transplanted from some walking boots that didn’t last half as long as the shit kickers)