Train Tickets

Best website to get train tickets and when do the best prices get put online


Train Line are pretty decent as well

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I use Trainline and the best prices can generally be found 12 weeks before you travel.


Trainline charges booking fees. Book the same tickets through a Train Company website for free.

Use a site like to see if you can save even more by buying split tickets.


People still buy tickets?!

What, as opposed to sneaking on without paying?!? :thinking:



Genuinely no idea why anyone would use thetrainline when the same tickets are available without booking fees from everywhere else.


:man_shrugging: Yeah. I mean, down these parts no one pays. No barriers on exits so…

I’m assuming, based on my experience,

ain’t Birmingham New Street…:roll_eyes:

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We have Metrolink “bouncers” up here in Manchester so you can easily get caught. A large group of them storm the tram at a random stop and they have enough staff to sweep the tram between the stops then they get off with any dodgers along with them.

Birmingham New Street or Moor Street it depends where you’re going NEC is New Street

I use Trainline more often than not. I’ve noticed they appear to have raised their game somewhat (unless it was always there and I hadn’t noticed).

£2 appears to get you a refund even with an Advance ticket. (Paying that at checkout spawns an emailed insurance document)

You can now change ticket details after checkout (even, again, with an Advance ticket).

Don’t recall seeing either of these before.

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