Train Station Names in App

I’ve used the ‘Improve name, location or logo’ button multiple times but it still doesn’t get changed however a slight annoyance of mine is how certain train stations appear in app.

This is meant to show as ‘Ormskirk Station’ (or Merseyrail as the other stations show as the train companies name). It quite often appears as a different, wrong name for some reason. I think it could possibly be when people suggest to change the name of the station they’ve used their Monzo card at, the name gets changed for EVERY Merseyrail station instead of just the correct one.

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It’s an awkward one. Some payment terminals in stations will have unique names/data that relate themselves to that specific station and others will use a general one that is used by a certain company in a lot of different stations. Self serve ticket machines add more complexity.

I think, when merchant data finally gets an overhaul, we as a community can establish rules for things like this. For example, I’d say just use train operators for this and default to National Rail (or appropriate) if unknown. Perhaps with location data in the future Monzo will be able accurately guess the appropriate station name, too :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I think currently the train operators are used mostly which I prefer. This happens for Northern Rail and Virgin whenever I’ve used the ticket machines or at the ticket office just not Merseyrail for some reason.