Tracking ATM use 'abroad'

There is a monthly (is that Calendar month, or a rolling month?) limit of £200 for use of ‘foreign’ ATMs.
Can I tell how much of the £200 I have used?
Can I tell that an ATM use is ‘abroad’?

I plan to take out some cash in Harwich (definately in the UK).
However, it will be on a boat which I believe has a satellite link to Sweden or some such.
Will that money use up some of my allowance?

PS: is there any way that I can transfer EXACTLY 20€ to a (euro) account, rather than requesting some £ amount which I expect will convert to 20€?


its a thirty day rolling limit

if you go to account and settings it has spending limits - the amount left of your ATM free withdrawals will be displayed under the 200 limit and will be adjusted for every ATM withdrawal and your 30 day rolling amount

don’t know about the other questions re ferries and satellite links being counted as UK or abroad :slight_smile:

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The £200 limit is over a rolling 30 days.
Go to Account > Settings > Account Limits to see all of your limits.

You can transfer an exact amount of foreign currency to an account by using Transferwise for example.

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Yes I’d recommend TransferWise for this. You can fund it in £, then convert an exact amount to €, or $, or whatever, then use their card in a local cashpoint. In fact, you don’t even really need to convert beforehand. If you don’t have enough local currency, the account will automatically convert for you from another currency you hold at the best available currency/rate option.

You can also do the convert/withdraw at Revolut, but there’s no way in hell I’d recommend them.

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Thanks - the Account > Settings > Account Limits works a treat.

It seems that Harwich (which is DEFINATELY in the UK) is deemed to be ‘outside the UK’ by Monzo - should be added to the FAQ.

As per the Netherland Monzo WiKi, the acceptance is rather random - the Dutch ‘COOP’ does not accept it, but JUMBO, Spar and Lidl do.

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This is very strange, could you report that via. support so that the payments team can investigate it? Based on the code I’ve seen, something odd must be up with the ATM if it’s being considered as outside the UK!

It’s on a boat docked in Harwich if the erlier post is accurate so it’s probably not as odd as you may think. It depends if it’s registered to a UK bank, I imagine, rather than it’s geographical position at the time of the withdrawal.

Since you technically leave the UK on boarding the vessel (or, more likely, going through passport control) this shouldn’t really be a surprise.

Also what is the currency of the withdrawn cash on the boat at Harwich? Is it Euros or Pounds Sterling?

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They are dual currency - I selected Euro.

Ta - that explains it - I assumed that in UK waters (and tied up in port) you were in the UK

Being Euro, that would probably be a factor to count the withdrawal toward towards your foreign currency allowance.

I try to get a model in my mind of how these things work, so sometimes details matter.

I do not have a “foreign currency allowance” - but I have a “Free usage abroad over 30 days”.

My understanding is that the charge is due to the ATM providers ‘abroad’ making a charge for the use of their ATMs, and that the currency is irrelevant.

If I take out £100 when abroad, using a non-UK ATM, that is charged to my allowance.
If I take out 100€ when in the UK, that is not included in my allowance.

Have I misunderstood?

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Good question, which I’m not sure of what the answer is. Hopefully someone else knows.