Withdrawal limits and spending limits

I’ve just opened a monzo account primarily to use the card abroad - there seems to be limits on the amount I can withdraw of 200 pounds over a thirty day period - Is this correct and it’s pointless having the card if so ? I can’t see an easy way of contacting the bank either ?

You need to be using Monzo as your main account if you want to have larger limits on domestic cash withdrawals:

But if you rely that heavily in cash, Monzo might not be the bank for you

To access support, go to help and search ‘contact us’

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You can withdraw more than £200 but any amount over that will have a 3% fee

Unless you use Monzo as your main account and then it’s £400 before the fee

Are you going to a country that doesn’t widely accept card payments?

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If you require more than this much cash then take a look at Starling Bank. They have a far more generous ATM limit of £300 fee-free per day both at home and abroad. Remember to always withdraw in the local currency, allowing your bank (Monzo or Starling) to do the conversion instead of the ATM.

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It is correct; but it’s not pointless having the card, as there are no limits on card payments so you can still pay for any number of things that way.


Thanks Dan! That’s interesting! Not sure how I’d feel if you took that approach with me though! Don’t think I’d like it if I’m dead set on wanting to withdraw more. Depends on the scenario I imagine though.

These days I’m just using RBS for cash, primarily because as @breville_monkey mentions: branches.

Out of interest, are customers able to ask Monzo to lower their daily limit? A benefit of the slider I had with N26 is that I kept it set to £0, and raised it specifically to the amount I was withdrawing when I needed to withdraw, then lowered it to zero again. Barclays had the same thing with a slider too, though not nearly as generous with the how high you could set the limit.

I’m replying here, because it feels more appropriate than the Starling discussion!