Withdrawal limits and spending limits

I’ve just opened a monzo account primarily to use the card abroad - there seems to be limits on the amount I can withdraw of 200 pounds over a thirty day period - Is this correct and it’s pointless having the card if so ? I can’t see an easy way of contacting the bank either ?

You need to be using Monzo as your main account if you want to have larger limits on domestic cash withdrawals:

But if you rely that heavily in cash, Monzo might not be the bank for you

To access support, go to help and search ‘contact us’

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You can withdraw more than £200 but any amount over that will have a 3% fee

Unless you use Monzo as your main account and then it’s £400 before the fee

Are you going to a country that doesn’t widely accept card payments?

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If you require more than this much cash then take a look at Starling Bank. They have a far more generous ATM limit of £300 fee-free per day both at home and abroad. Remember to always withdraw in the local currency, allowing your bank (Monzo or Starling) to do the conversion instead of the ATM.

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It is correct; but it’s not pointless having the card, as there are no limits on card payments so you can still pay for any number of things that way.