Tracking Payments Requested

Where do I track the status of payments I’ve requested please. I can’t do this in bill split or shared tabs as the money owed to me was lent in cash.

Is the money being paid to you directly from a uk account into your uk account ?

If so you will see the money appear on your bank statement and also in your account transaction feed also also your balance will change to reflect the amount.

International transfer’s are different

UK to UK, but that doesn’t answer my question. I know I will see it come in on my list of transactions but where does it show what I have requested and what is outstanding so I can keep track of who owes me what?

Sorry i misread your question.

Did you request a payment using :monzo: me ?

As far as i can remember * requests sent by you - Monzo haven’t built the ability to track the single-link monzo.merequests generated from Bill Splits.

This may have changed but i cant remember seeing anything about it.
Hope this helps.

This feature has already been requested. You can vote for it here:

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