Show Money Requests as events in Home screen


It is just me, or not showing a Request Payment Event in a Home Screen seems a little counter intuitive?

I send a money request to a friend to pay back his/her debt.
Money Request is sent.
Nowhere in the UI it is indicated that this event happened.
Showing this event as pending or somehow else would allow me to track if a person paid me back. Ideally, I would be allowed to send a reminder. Otherwise, I would probably forget about the request and, as a consequence, about the money owed. :smiley:

Welcome to the community. I presume that you’re talking about a request via as there is a list of bill splits and shared tabs in: Payments > Shared.

Would 100% like to have links also appear in this section but I don’t think that Monzo would know who you sent the link to as you can just copy the url.

Yes, as far as I can see, if I split the bill of an already existing event between me and a person I have in my contact list, for example, it shows up in a shared tab.

I can see your point of request with shareable link not showing, but here I’m talking about requesting money from a person already existing in my contact list.

At the moment, I would presume, to solve my issue I would have to create a shared tab with a particular individual and put my money requests there. But this would not capture my use case as clearly as just seeing money request events in home screen.

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The ability to track money requests has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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