New Feature Requests

Hey Tom & co,

Absolutely loving the app so far! Fantastic work & keep it up! :+1:

I’m sure you’ve got loads of features planned for the future, here are a couple that have sprung to mind after using Mondo for a few days:

  • Touch ID/Lock Code :closed_lock_with_key:

I’m always giving my iPhone to friends/colleagues so it would be great to be able to lock the app in some way?

Also in the multitasking app-switcher Mondo shows my balance/recent transactions to anyone who double-taps the home button, it would be great if this could be obscured?

  • Fixing dodgy data :mag:

Quite a few of my transactions have the wrong retailer/icon/map location.

I’ve reported all of these in Mondo, but it would be great if we could suggest the correct data somehow (similar to how Google crowdsources tweaks to its Map data)?

  • Bank Transfer UI :confused:

Just a little one, it isn’t clear whether the dashes in the unique reference number for doing a bank transfer (xxx-xxx-xxx) are important or not.

This might sound minor, but I spent a few minutes wondering if I needed to include them, and the following hours worrying I’d made a mistake, until funds finally appeared in my account.

Maybe make it explicit that you need them, or more subtle so it’s obvious you don’t?

Anyway, excited to see how Mondo develops! :mondo:

Any other feature requests from Alpha users out there?


Thank you so much for the great suggestions! Nothing makes me happier than users that care enough to voice their opinions :raised_hands:

The dodgy data is my number 1 priority for the next few days. We’ve already learned many little tricks that should make your data much nicer over the coming days.


Hi, been using my card and the app for the last few days - was wondering if you can use 3d touch to put some quick actions on the home screen icon - be great if you could ‘see your balance’, ‘Freeze card’, etc all from the icon.

I’d also second the passcode / touch ID locking of the app above


Hey @nicholaspetrie, that’s definitely in the plan! Out of interest, which quick actions would you choose to put on the icon?

One which would be really useful is - “Top-up £100”

You could then land on a final confirmation screen, then just hit one button to confirm.


“Top Up £100” - That’s only really necessary now, whilst it’s a pre-paid card? When Mondo becomes a full-on bank with all your funds that feature is likely to be replace in lieu of actually transferring money to a bank account?

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Correct, but since it’s going to be a while until that happens, it would still be useful in the meantime.

Another one I’ve just thought of (after being away for the 3rd time since getting set up with Mondo!)

Some sort of “auto expenses” mode would be useful - I see there’s already an expenses category, so some of this may already be planned.

What I was thinking was twofold to help with expenses reporting:

  1. A way to set a range of dates within the application which auto-categorises all charges as expensable, e.g. “I know I’m going to be away for work between the 5th and 14th of January - all items during this period should be charged as expenses”
  2. A summary view that lists all transactions over that date range - this would be really useful to help filling in expenses forms for companies (this is likely to be non-standard and/or use other tools, so I think less value in Mondo offering this directly)

I feel this would provide a nice level of value-add - thoughts or insights as to what is planned for expenses welcome! :smile:

Just wanted to add my support to Touch ID/Pin Code support. Would be great to use the Touch ID to restrict access.


To fix the data leakage through the multi-tasking switcher (and anyone who has physical access, Jailbroken executable code or SSH access to your device being able to pull the static images generated for use when an app is not running), other banking apps blur the entire application when it is not in the foreground.

Could be some consideration made to only blur sensitive data, switch to the launch/locked image or do what Safari does when in private browsing and simply blank out the URL field and page contents while keeping enough UI to identify the app visually and not cause too much of a visual change when switched back to.

This should be balanced against the usefulness of being able to see information from the multitasking screen or peaking in to the app by Force Touch swiping back one app from the edge of the display on an iPhone 6s.

Be VERY careful if you just want to blank out or blur only certain things on the screen, I’ve seen attempts at this go horribly wrong.

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Awesome, thanks @adrian!

Yep, definitely agreed @RichardR - I think that @james actually has some plans around this to try and minimise any unwanted data leakage without impacting user experience too much that we’ll bring in as the Alpha gets more features and develops :slight_smile: Thanks!

Loving the work so far guys! One the main reasons I love the card is being able to see where i’ve spent my money, I’d love to see the ability to add spend limits, for example I’d set that I want to spend £25 on lunch for the week and i’d get notifications to let me know when i’m near that or if I’ve gone over the average spend per day. It’d be awesome to set this for any time frame, e.g. Friday between 6-11 I want to set myself a limit of £30 for drinks, this would really help with trying to budget!


Awesome idea! How easy/hard would it be to implement such a feature? (Sorry, I’m guessing it’s a “How long is a piece of string?” question, I guess)

Yeah, this kind of budgeting is definitely something we want to support. Probably a few months away - we’ve got a pretty busy product roadmap at the moment :smiley:


Definitelo agree with an extra layer if security to keep other people on my phone out of my bank account.

Something else that I would suggest is the ability to search the feed of transactions by date. Or to filter the transactions by date. For example, typing in the search button some intuitive user friendly search that would show me only the transactions up to a certain date. It would help to keep track of spending and understanding what periods of the month are more financially demanding than others

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A few features that could be useful would be an inbuilt option to pay friends (transfer money), from within the app, the ability to set your own categories and a larger graph when pushing up a little further on the feed (currently not sure what day in Feb it is predicting my latest top up will run out or where the weekends sit in the graph for example).

Other than that, I second the 3d touch idea with the ‘Top up £100’ or a ‘Favorite searches’ option?

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Another nice feature could be the ability to define/choose the information displayed from the pull down ‘header’ on the search results page.

e.g Currently a search for ‘last month’, shows all transactions for the last months, if you then pull the screen down you get:

  • The bar chart showing amounts spent per day
  • The total spent
  • The Average expenditure

if you could perhaps customise this to show more averages/charts/totals such as:

  • Average daily spend
  • pie chart of spending per category
  • Total spend on weekdays/weekends

Any other additional stats people can think off as well??

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Just wanted to say that while all those ideas are awesome, if Mondo implements all of them, the app will become incredibly heavy and difficult to use. I really appreciate the clean interface as it is now! Hope new features will be more like a switch thing, with a possibility to switch them off if they aren’t needed for me personally, so that I can still enjoy the minimalist interface without tons of features.


I would split out each feature request into an individual post. It’s better for people to search & upvote ones which they can relate to.

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That’s the way we roll, now. This thread is from the super early days - hence the reference to Mondo rather than Monzo!

I’ll lock this thread to stop other folk from getting confused. :monzo: