Total amount of money allocated to targets

So one thing that’s really important a budget nut such as me (and i hope hasn’t been proposed, or i can’t use search that well) is an easy way to see the total sum i have allocated to spending targets.

Yes, i can change targets with a single tap of + or - but i have no idea how much money has been allocated or can still be allocated in the menu for setting targets. I need to first write down how much i have, how much each target will get and so on. I’d love to see either of the following.

Option 1) add an indicator of the total sum of money allocated to targets. That way if i know how much is in my account, i can rougly tell if i am ‘overallocating’ to targets.

Option 2) Perhaps even a better solution could be adding to indicators side by side combining option 1 indicator with a second one showing ‘non-allocated’ money.

On how this can be implemented…perhaps the indicators could take up the generous space used up by the explanation in the targets menu? ‘Set spending tartgets if you’d like to fine tune…’. The text takes up a lot of realastate and i think becomes less usefull after a while. So maybe there should be a way to turn it off?

A no less intuitive option could be to put the indicators at the bottom of the menu after all the targets, which would replicate a familiar format ‘list of expenses followed by the total sum’.

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