Today I was Overdrawn on Monzo?

(Si) #1

Today I went overdrawn on Monzo?? Curve is also having issues after this new port Tio a new processing system. I was happy to possibly be the first ever Monzo user with an overdraft. I was tempted to see what happened as it’s Beta but I just topped up to bring me into credit in case it caused Monzo any headaches. How strange though. Lol…

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I thought we had a message this morning saying balances in the app were showing incorrectly for a while…so they were aware of it


by this I mean I had signed up for text alerts at the Monzo status page and they sent me an SMS

(Si) #4

Maybe I’m owed the £1.58 back then lol

(Rika Raybould) #5

Heh, well done, you’ve found one of the few ways you can take your card in to a minus balance!

Sad to burst the bubble though, you are not the first but just one of a very few. :sunglasses:

(Si) #6

I have no idea how I achieved it :wink:

(Josh Bray) #7

Potentially an offline transaction went through when you had no money. Because it’s offline it will always go through


I have a negative balance of 56p :sunglasses: ran it close on a night out then TFL took their £3 bus charges 2 days later with an ‘offline transaction’

(Stuart Cameron) #9

I’ve had TFL transactions go through when I’ve not had enough money but I’ve also had them decline. Is there a limit on how much overdrawn you can go?

(Rika Raybould) #10

I don’t know where the limits are but for TfL it’ll entirely depend on what kind of charge they try to authorise/present. That will depend on when you traveled in the week, core system maintenance, if any gate connectivity was down, etc.

(Leo Spanswick) #11

What happens if a TfL transaction declines? Does it just mean free travel for that day?

(Rika Raybould) #12

You get to complete your journey (if you are on one) and then your card is blacklisted from all travel until a successful charge can be made.

If your card is more trusted or it is a weekend, you can generally travel around all day before the system tries to make the charge and sees the returned decline (then blacklisting you until paid) a few days later.

The TfL system will retry at increasing intervals or you resolve it manually from the TfL website or by calling them.

Check this page on the TfL website for a little bit more information.