Timeline for Highly Requested Features

Hello US Monzo Community,

First off, I’m very close to making the decision to switch to Monzo as my primary bank account once and for all. While there are some features I’m still hoping for, it’s still better than any other bank in the US by far.

Speaking of those features, it’d be nice to have an update for the most requested features on the roadmap. Currently, in progress features include: interest on pots balances, pay a bill from a Pot, spend from a Pot/virtual cards in Pots (same thing basically). On the backlog we have the most requested feature: Deposit a check!

I know that the “In Progress” features have been in progress for a while so please provide an update on these as soon as possible! Also, the check deposit feature should be moved up in priority. While anything with checks is less and less common, it is very hard to utilize Monzo as a primary bank account without these features and the amount of requests for this feature reflect that.

I hope that this feedback is helpful and I’d like to hear more from other Monzo users in the US as well!


Hey Kyle, thanks so much for the feedback! Your comments have already prompted some good discussion within the team. Hopefully we can release some of these features very soon to help make your decision easier. :pray:

To answer your question about features currently in progress:

  • Interest on Pots balances - we’re actively working on this! We’ve got some regulatory huddles to work through, but things are looking promising. :crossed_fingers:

  • Pay a bill from a Pot - we have a version of this launching very soon with Credit Card Pots and have plans to keep innovating in this space. :eyes:

  • Spend from a Pot/virtual cards - you must have insider info because this was part of our most recent sprint planning. :ear:

I’d also recommend keeping an eye out in your email inbox for our monthly “What’s new at Monzo” emails, which summarizes some of our major releases and updates. :love_letter: These updates are also posted here in this community forum too (we understand some of us already get too many emails!)

As for checks, admittedly this is still part of the backlog as we’ve been prioritizing other requested features, but not out of mind. I’ll see if someone on the team closer to this discussion can chime in here.


I know it’s been a while since I posted this but I’d just like to check back in on the progress on adding the ability to cash a check. It’s by and far the most requested feature on the roadmap but it’s still a “stretch goal”. Any update would be appreciated, thank you!

Thanks for checking in, Kyle! It’s still a stretch goal for us at this time. It’s a feature that has many moving parts and we’ve also encountered hurdles with some other features already in progress.