Time Limited Tip Codes



You want to tip your waiter/waitress in a bar, but have no cash, and the card machine doesn’t offer the “Do you wish to add a gratuity?” option.
You want to be able to provide a tip from your Monzo card with only the items available at the dinner table.


In your Monzo app, create a “Tip Code” of a user-defined amount (e.g. £5) which uses a randomly generated series of letters and numbers (short enough to write down quickly on the back of a receipt) which another Monzo user (in this case the waiter/waitress) can enter into their Monzo app to receive the tip.
This code could be time limited (say seven days) to avoid wasting the money if it’s not claimed, while also giving the recipient time to sign up to Monzo.


Apologies if this is an often suggested idea, I couldn’t find anything via search.

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #2

Very cool idea!

I can see lots of situations for this :raised_hands:

I haven’t seen this posted before

(Uatu) #3

Fantastic idea.

(Sean) #4

I think this is a really interesting idea :bulb: and think this would be a step above and something completely different.

(Will flag Danny for cake) #5

But if the server didn’t have the correct ID to sign up they couldn’t get the tip?


Then a friend with a Monzo account could pay it in and give the cash to the original waiter/waitress.
Messy but a solution and a hint that in a modern world you need photo id.

(Will flag Danny for cake) #7

And if they don’t know anyone with a Monzo account?


They lose the tip, just as they are not going to get one without the card reader being set up or a similar system to this being in play. I for one no longer carry any cash - not even just in case.


The monzo equivalent of a gift card could be expanded to !

Although for tipping via a bank they’d have to make sure they own up the tax ! (Not saying that’s right or wrong! I know when you go via card tips, they get it processed through payroll)

Absolutely love the code and money attached idea, so many scenarios!!

(Kevyn) #10

While a interesting idea, I feel imho it is a waste of time. How many times have people thought “If I could just offer my waiter or waitress a time limited code as a tip because the card machine doesn’t offer an option”? I just overpay the bill if I want to offer a tip via card.

Monzo have plenty of things to develop to make their app on par with other banking apps without having to allocate development time making niche products.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #12

If you tip on your card, do you ever ask your server if they get all of it? Restaurant management are not obliged to give ‘service charge’ paid on a card to any staff if they decide not to.

Servers are not allowed to tell you this, but are allowed to answer if you ask. You should try it. They’re often extremely grateful when you do, and sometimes embarrassed to have to tell you a proportion of the service charge goes to management. They’ll explain that a cash tip goes to waiting and kitchen staff.

That said, tipping is generally an anachronism in this day and age.

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #13

I for one never ask. Tbh I do hope it’s being shared across the entire staff but could easily not be.

I do wish tipping would disappear and be replaced with proper wages. It would be good to see tipping being seen as rude to the owner like it is in China but unlikely to happen here!