Tipping using Monzo

It dawned on me today when paying for a coffee with Monzo that there was no way to tip for the serve I was given.

If you don’t have cash and there is no built in tip functional within the retailer ePOS system then there is no really way to do this.

I feel like there could be a monzo solution for this, but I suspect the solution will need to be built into the ePOS system to separate cost of sale v tip so it actually given to staff and not just take as profit.

Thoughts? Ideas?

This is up to the merchant, not Monzo. They decide if the terminal presents the option for you to enter a tip (or prints a tip adjustment slip in markets where that is still permitted), Monzo acts like any other MasterCard in this respect.

Personally, I find tipping awkward since I never know how much to tip and I prefer when merchants don’t give this option (and definitely not when they make a tip mandatory), but instead simply charge high enough prices they can afford to give their staff a fair wage to begin with instead of making them beg for tips.


When I tip, I generally go for something like 15% to 20%.

It’s not usually that bad here in the UK. In other countries, like the US, it may be a different case.

The US is atrocious because most states don’t require tipped workers to be paid the full minimum wage. But even places that do, like here, or the US state of Montana - minimum wage is not a living wage.

That said, if I’m not given the option to tip, then I won’t.

Some cases are really odd, like Starbucks. If you pay with a physical card (or mobile contactless) in the US or the UK, no opportunity to tip. However, if you pay with a Starbucks card, you get the option to add a tip via push notification in the US, but no such option here (it’s the same card and software platform, same app, everything - they just hide the option in the UK but show it in the US for some reason).

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Personally I NEVER tip as I think employers rely on tips as an excuse to pay lower wages. It is a vicious circle. Keep tipping and you remove any pressure from employers to offer a reasonable wage.


That sounds nice in theory, but remember that it’s the staff, not the employer, suffering in the meantime.


Nice idea, but I don’t see what Monzo could do here.

Personally I’d rather just get rid of tipping. Business should just charge me more in the first place and pay their staff properly!
How am I supposed to know how much to tip? I bet the staff serving me do loads of things in the background I’ve never even thought of, the employer does know and should take responsibility for fair pay.


It’s not really a solution but I can imagine some small businesses like cafes might let staff have a note saying ‘Tip me at monzo.me/myusername’ maybe on a card next to their cash tip jar or something. That’d be a nice way to ensure tips all go directly to employees.

No need to in London with the so called “service charge” automatically added to your bill. I always tell them to take it off. If I think the service is worth tipping. I’ll tip.


Hey, reviving this topic with an idea I’ve had whilst in the USA.
It would be super nice to have an integrated tipping system for when you travel to the USA, given how archaic payments are there.

This is how it would work:

  • You visit a place which is identified as a restaurant on Monzo.
  • You have some good food and good service.
  • Check time. You give your card to pay. They say they like the colour.
  • Waiter goes to the counter, swipe the card.
  • Authorisation is taken for the payment, and you receive a special notification saying “Looks you are in a restaurant. Wanna tip?”
  • Tapping opens the app, and show payment details with tipping suggestions/calculator (15% = $4.34, 18%=xxx, 20%=xxx) so you don’t have to do the math yourself.
  • Choosing a tip takes an additional amount from your cleared balance, and adds it to the transaction details.
  • You write down the tip amount and sign.
  • Your account is now up to date and you know how much will be settled! No nasty surprise!
  • Few days later the transaction is settled with the right amount. You can review auth/tip/settles amount in details.

Of course this should be enabled for USA restaurants and disabled elsewhere because they just take what you authorise on your card, but the calculator could be for any countries if you go manually to transaction details :slightly_smiling_face:



Interesting concept!

What about utilising something a bit like the recent “nearby friends” feature? When you pay at a restaurant, the Monzo app could automatically ask you if you wanted to tip. If you hit yes you could then select the employees name (found via bluetooth) and send it strait to them.

This would also draw more people to Monzo (the bar staff etc) :smile:

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